The Heart of the Matter

I’m going to be insensitive again today.  I’m not making light of these causes. Please don’t misunderstand me.

Help me out with something.  Why is it that we are instructed to wear a certain color or symbol to raise awareness of particular illnesses, etc.?  Is it absolutely necessary that I wear pink to make everyone around me aware that breast cancer exists?  I’m pretty sure the general public knows about this by now. And do we need to all wear red on a certain Friday to show solidarity for the American Heart Association?  I’m pretty sure most of America is onto the fact that we need to take care of our hearts.  I’m so tired of getting emailed and seeing plastered on Facebook about how we are having a “pink-out” for awareness.  Really, people?  I think by now, we are all perfectly aware that breast cancer is around and that it is a really ugly thing that we need to be fighting.  My wearing pink isn’t going to make Tom in accounting suddenly go online and donate.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about raising money to help find a cure.  That makes sense.  Go run if you want to and raise money for research…I’m all for it!

Or sell stuff…but here’s another one of my pet peeves…If you are going to sell something to help your cause, sell something that people can use.  For example…stop selling those stupid ribbons and pins.  Sell some doughnuts or something.  I would buy a crap-ton of doughnuts.  Sell sports bras or something for the breast cancer issue or pictures of Derek Jeter for the Heart Association.  (You know…whatever makes your heart race.)  My point is, do something useful with your time.  I think we all agree that we want cures for these diseases, but stop nauseating the world with a color campaign that nobody really wants.  I love the color pink, but if I wear a pink dress I look like a walking breast cancer awareness add now.  It’s not fair.

Last, but certainly not least, stop encouraging women to let them hang free on certain dates to promote breast cancer awareness.  There’s enough of that going on as it is.  Harness those things like God intended and stop whipping them out in the name of some cause.  We all know you’re an exhibitionist…just admit to that and stop hiding behind a cause.  If I had something wrong with my ba-hoobies the last thing I would want to do would be to let them roam free.  I’d have them all neatly tucked away and protected, not bouncing all over the place like an idiot.  You are not representing…I’m just sayin…


Testing 1-2-3

This is a test to see how this blog site works.  If this thing works out, you are about to hear a whole lot more from me than you really wanted to…ever.