Miscellaneous Musings

Ever wonder why families go “all out” and get the brightly colored t-shirts for their family reunions?  When are you EVER going to wear that again?  You don’t see Aunt Ethel wandering through the mall with a neon green “Flufenueget Family Reunion” t-shirt on.

 Why do people talk louder to someone who is blind?  What purpose does this serve other than giving the blind person a better location to punch? 

 Why is it that the people on the commercials for Wal-Mart always have to say they are not paid actresses?  Obviously due to their speaking abilities they are NOT actresses, but at the end of the commercial we find out that they ARE in fact compensated for their time.  So, it is only a half-truth.  Plus, I’ve actually taken that challenge in the past.  It is true that some of their prices are lower, but so are the sizes of the products you are buying.  Pay attention.  Instead of getting 12 in a package of something you might be getting only 10 or instead of getting a 9oz can of something it might just be 7.  They get you with trickery.  I call SHENANIGANS!!! 

 Far too many women in the South confuse “Sassy” with bitchy redneck ho.  They are not interchangeable. 

 Why do some people feel the need to take a photo of his/herself every five minutes and post it on Facebook?  Granted, some are enjoyable, but after about 3 a week it becomes a source for comedy.  I find myself installing dialog and doing a fake photo shoot in my head reminiscent of Austin Powers.  “Yeah, Baby.  Work It!  Now Turn.  Give me Tiger in the Jungle.  Now you’re a kitten!!!  Grrrrr…..” 

 While on the topic of Facebook…when did it become acceptable to actually pray on Facebook?  I mean, request prayer, certainly…but the prayers themselves should really be between you and God.  I feel dirty reading something that personal.  It’s not right.  I think of the Pharisees a little bit.  We know you are holy…we get it.  Have a direct conversation with Dad.  He will appreciate hearing from you, not reading on-line like everyone else. 

 Why is it that an animal’s own farts never seem to bother them?  I’ve never seen a dog rip one and then get up and immediately have to leave the room.  I’m just sayin…


2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Musings

  1. Ok, I am one of those who “pray” on Facebook. The reason???? I am putting the faith of prayer out into the universe. I always feel the more positive prayer energy the better. That’s all.. : )

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