Motorcycles & Tigers

So, I keep seeing on Facebook post after post about benefits for people who have been killed in a motorcycle accident or warnings to us wretched 4-wheelers to “watch out” for the motorcyclists on the road with us so we can save lives.  Here are my thoughts on the subject.  Bear in mind my heart goes out to the families of victims of these accidents.  It truly is a tragedy and I’m not making light of that at all, but here is where I stand:

I like Tigers.  They are beautiful and strong and really skilled hunters.  I think it would be wicked fun to ride one bare-backed through down-town Nashville sometime.  In fact, I think it would be totally bad-ass if that were my primary means of transportation.  It might take a little longer to get to work, sure, but I would be riding in every day on the back of a soft, gorgeous killing machine!  How awesome would that be?  What’s that you say?  Oh, sure…it might try to maul me at some point.  In fact, the chances of me dying by tiger mauling are better than average.  But, dude, I would feel so free…so fantastic!  And think of all that gas I would save!  What’s that? Insurance?  Sure…my insurance premium would probably be astronomical and it would likely drive yours up too if this caught on and lots of people started taking tigers to work and getting mauled or causing accidents because other people (those wretched 4-wheelers) were stopping to look at my beautiful beast.  And I’m sure I’d have a few extra trips to the ER due to “accidents” that occurred at the mouth or paw of my tiger, but again…can you cuddle with your truck?  Come on…..

Now…apply this same logic to a motorcycle. Sure, they’re fun to ride and beautiful to look at, but you kind of have to expect that with that kind of danger some really bad things are going to happen eventually no matter how careful you are.   I’m just sayin… 


One thought on “Motorcycles & Tigers

  1. Jo I remember when your Uncle Joe had motor cycles. He got hurt once and sold em. Guess it takes getting hurt to wake up. And for others sometimes they will not walk away, which is sad but that is what we will allow, no one forces them to buy these croch rockets…I remember being young and invincible once too. Good one

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