For the Love of …

Let’s say for the sake of argument that there is this guy who loves watching his neighbor mow the yard.  Let’s just say that he enjoys watching the way it gets done.  The patterns that person chooses and the skill it takes to get the job done.  Let’s say that he won’t leave his house at certain times every week because he knows that his neighbor is going to be cutting the grass and he has to watch this take place.  He sits out on his front porch, drinking his beer and cheering the guy on.  Let’s add to it.  Let’s say he even goes so far as to plaster his house in lawn-mowing memorabilia.  He has little lawn mower figurines and old mower blades all over the place and pictures of his favorite lawn guy hung everywhere.  He won’t go to social events if he knows his neighbor is going to mow.  He won’t miss it.  If he has to go somewhere (it can’t be avoided) he records it and streams it to wherever he is going to be. 

 Would you call this man insane?  I know I would.  Most people would laugh this guy right into the mental institution.

 Now, I know people EXACTLY like this, only instead of the neighbor’s mowing habits it is football that they are obsessed with.  They will miss family events, dinner out with friends, even weddings of people they care about because “their” team is playing. 

 Now, don’t get me wrong…I love baseball.  If the Yankees are playing I will watch if I am able.  But here’s the thing…and listen closely…if someone calls me up and says, “hey…why don’t we go grab some food and live that thing we call LIFE” I would gladly go because as much as I love my Yankees, I can catch the score later, but the chance to hang out with my actual REAL friend might not come around again for a bit.  They could get hit by a bus and I would always regret turning down that opportunity to see them.  You see, these obsessed fans (I’m surrounded by them) are forgetting that these teams, while entertaining, do not know they exist.  They welcome the money that these people keep throwing at them, but aside from that they could care less.  The fans I’m referring to will completely ignore the people who matter most in their lives and rework their entire lives during the months that football is in season.  These people they are ignoring are the people that should be valued and loved, not people who should be ignored because a GAME is on.  It is a GAME people…one that you DON’T play…you DON’T get paid for and that you WON’T remember in another month.  But that person that you are blowing off WILL remember you.  It’s one thing to go to a game and hang out with your friends.  It’s another to plan your life around it.  Call this an intervention if you want to.  I just think your priorities need some straightening out…that’s all.  I’m just sayin…


2 thoughts on “For the Love of …

  1. As your comparison is fairly correct and your assessment of where the fans stand in the lives of the football empire is correct, I cant help myself. I just love football. Its a way for me to live through a popular and healthy athlete as if I where them. Wishing always that I was as agile, athletic and wealthy as a professional athlete is part of my “secret identity”.. LOL.
    You are correct in that every MOMENT is precious. I know from experience. I love you sis.

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