Tattoo Time Bomb

Why is it that so many people are getting tattoos these days?  Do people realize those things are permanent?  I mean, I like my hair style, but I haven’t had the same hair style since I was a kid.  I lived through the 80s like everyone else.  Can you imagine if my hair right now was the same as it was in 1988 because I had it done permanently that way?    I may have thought my bangs were ROCKIN’ at that point in time and I may have been determined to seal them that way for generations to enjoy, but at this point it would be a really bad idea.  Or even my makeup.  WOW!  The eyeliner alone would be laughed at these days. 

Let’s suppose instead, I decided to commemorate someone special to me that I love more than life itself.  Stuff happens.  Maybe that person isn’t someone I talk to anymore and hate the sight of.  Now their name and/or likeness is etched into my skin forever.  Or, say they pass away.  Now, every time I see myself in the mirror I am forced to be sad.  People who do this on purpose are truly masochistic.  There are any number of ways to honor someone who has passed.  Plant a tree.  Make a donation to their favorite cause.  DO NOT, however, ink into yourself the visage of said person. 

Maybe it isn’t a person you have a tattoo of.  Maybe it is a cute little bunny or your favorite Disney character.  Great idea if you are 18, but an employer is going to look at that and think that you are someone who clearly hasn’t grown up or if, heaven forbid you did this as an adult, makes really BAD decisions.  And what if suddenly Tigger isn’t your favorite character anymore?  What if you prefer Eyeore now?  Too bad!  You are stuck with Tigger.  No going back.  You will be looking at Tigger’s perky face for as long as you live.  And don’t even get me started on the ass hat craze.  Good gravy! 

The point is…while I respect that this is a form of art and the people who do these have a gift, think before you ink people.  This stuff doesn’t wash off.  I don’t care how “pretty” you think it is, when you are 65 years old and everything is sagging and the color has faded from that thing, there won’t be anything “pretty” or bad-ass about it.  In fact, you might have to struggle to remember what it was supposed to be.  That razor wire around your arm might look more like a picket fence.  Please keep this in mind.  I’m just sayin…


4 thoughts on “Tattoo Time Bomb

  1. I completely agree. I had since enough to stop with one. It’s not anyone’s name. It is small. it was just for me. I was claiming myself. Now I do not feel the need. I’m thinking about removal.

    • Oh! I forgot about yours. At least it isn’t plastered anywhere major. I just keep thinking this is one lesson where Dad definitely got through to me. LOL! Poor fella.

  2. For some reason if they do it in the Military I give them a pass other wise just do not get the attraction. Some guys with fantastic body’s look OK with a design around the upper arm, but still….NO

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