Things I wonder about

  1. Why is it that when there is a crisis on a TV show everyone becomes breathless whether they are actually doing anything or not?  This makes me crazy.  I want to shake them and say, “Dude!  All you did was phone the police.  You couldn’t be THAT out of breath.  Join a gym, friend.” 
  2. Why is everything more expensive in Canada?  Have you ever noticed that?  Most ads will list the price in USD and then Canadian dollars.  The USD is almost always less than Canadian.  Don’t they suffer enough?  Why are they being charged more for things like fragrances and special, sparkly bras?  Isn’t it enough that they endure blistering cold almost year round and that they don’t have a real beach to call their own?  Must we impose these cruelties as well? 
  3. Why are all the actors on The Haunting better looking than their real life counter parts?  I would love to see, just once, the actor come on and be butt ugly on a mule when compared to the real person the events happened to.  Instead it is usually the other way around.  It would be different if we never actually got to SEE the real person, but yeah…they shock us with that reality check pretty early on in the show.  That is sometimes scarier than the story they are telling.
  4. Is it just me or is that Elf on the Shelf the creepiest thing ever made?  There’s a reason I don’t buy dolls with realistic eyes and that is one of them.  It’s like they follow you around and think about killing you while you sleep.  You want a realistic Elf on the Shelf activity have him standing over your bloody corpse holding a knife with that weird little grin on his wee little face.  Freaky little gnome-like creature…You might as well invite clowns into your home for the Holidays!!
  5. Why are we putting braces on baby teeth these days?  Is it to avoid the humiliation as a teenager of having to look awkward so we are doing it to our children instead?  Have we gone THAT far with things?  They are going to FALL OUT people!  Wake up and stop doing whatever the dentist tells you.  These people are SKILLED at torture.  You can’t trust them.  (Unless any of my dentist friends are reading this, in which case you are all lovely people and please forgive me if I have upset you.  Please don’t accidentally forget to use the Novocaine the next time I’m in.)  I’m just sayin…

3 thoughts on “Things I wonder about

  1. I think those exact thoughts too! Is it just kinship or should the men in white coats come get us? I was watching Doctor OZ last week ad he had a lady on that had trouble with negative thoughts and he said the studies show that with these kind of thoughts (negative) it causes Alzheimer’s. Made me wake up some at least. Oh if only I could find my happy thoughts…happy thoughts…happy thoughts.
    Just me

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