Do I Have a DEAL for You!

I have been entertaining myself this afternoon by looking at the Facebook page where you can post things you have for sale in my area.  All I can say is there are some serious rednecks out my way.  You wouldn’t believe the crap they are trying to unload.  In addition to the amount of camo one would expect on such a site, I have seen what have been described as “real nice” couches that I wouldn’t let my dog sleep on, oodles of puppies and kittens that people need to “sale” real quick oh, and a lovely selection of 6 dickies for only $10…slightly used of course.  WOW…I really need to move. 

 It made me think though…I wonder what else you can really buy on one of these websites…so I went to the grand-daddy of them all…EBay.  Did you know you can buy “vintage” Kotex maxi pads?  Oh yeah…only a few are missing. $3.50!!  Dog, nail decals for $4.25.  A Walrus Man action figure sells for only $4.98.  Forgive me, but who is this Walrus Man and HOW did I miss THAT?!! 

 Next I moved on to Craig’s List.  That was sure to have some fun stuff.  The first thing I found was some “vindage” wine glasses for $45.  There was a Black Angus tanned hide for $540.  There it was, stretched out over a bed beckoning you to come lay on it.  I’m still not sure how I feel about that one.  I have bad visions in my head of what might have taken place on that cow-skin rug before I took possession.  <Excuse me while I shudder.>  I went on to find a “Rhinoceros figure” for only $5!  Why…it’s my lucky day!  What finished my browsing in a fit of laughter, however, was the ad selling “adult toys” right above the ad for Walkers for the Elderly!  Wow!  Really?!?!!!

 I guess the bottom line is, you can sell anything if you put your heart into it and find the right mark…I mean buyer.  So, if you get that fruitcake nobody in the family wants this Christmas or a dog collar for the beloved family pet that actually died last year, feel free to list it on one of these on-line yard sales and see what happens.  It might not “sale” but at least you will be providing entertainment for people like me.  I’m just sayin…


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