Diamond Dilemma

What is it with the emphasis on diamonds these days?  It seems like every time I turn on the radio I hear another commercial for Genesis Diamonds or Shane Company or Jared.  When did it become a requirement for a man to put a rock the size of a potato on his lover’s hand before she would marry him?  I did a quick inventory this week of the people around me and was amazed.  The older generation (like myself) all had reasonable sized rings with a little flare, but not a gob.  Once you got down to about 35 and younger the rings became ridiculous.  You can forget about a plain gold band too.  The bands now have to match the en-GAG-ment ring.  There are more diamonds on that thing than on one of Mr. T’s pinky rings.  It’s obscene.  But don’t worry, ladies!  If you got a crappy little diamond in the beginning those same jewelers will be more than happy to UPSELL you a newer, bigger ring now that you are established and put that scrawny little stone in a pendant setting for you… to remind you of what a loser you married and what a remarkable man you turned him into.  What a crock!  Don’t fall for it! 

 Men, if you want to test your gal’s true love for you buy her a simple, but pretty engagement ring and see what she says.  If she’s the real deal it won’t matter how many carats that sucker is.  If she IS disappointed, RUN!!!  She will be high-maintenance and you know what you ain’t got time for?  THAT!  I’m just sayin…


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