Say Whaaaa?

I was laughing at something my sister posted on Facebook the other day stating that she “like to not have got her truck door open” and it made me think of all the funny, odd little things that we say all the time that probably has other people scratching their heads wondering what on earth we just said.  (By “we” I mean MY family.)  We are an odd lot.

My personal favorite that I’ve heard and used my whole life is “I’ll let you get back to your rat killin’.”  No…I don’t know where this started.  You use it when you are done talking to someone and wish them to resume their daily activities. 

What are you “funtlin’” with?  That would mean, what are you working on.  My dad uses this one a lot. 

“I’m hotter ‘n a fox.”  This was a favorite of my late Aunt’s.  She would say this when the temperature in the room was a bit too high.  I’m not sure how hot a fox should be, but clearly one can become uncomfortable at some point. 

“Harry!”  (Pronounced Hay-Ree) This was another of my late Aunt’s favorites.  She would say this whenever she was excited, afraid, agitated, upset, terrified or just didn’t know what else to say.  I have to admit, we all wondered just who, exactly, this Harry was.  She took this little tidbit to her grave with her.

“Have ya’ll been out galavantin’?”  This means to ask if you have been out running around…to the store and whatnot. 

“How in the Hatched-Headed Hell did you do that?!!”  When my dad uses this phrase you know he’s pretty upset.  I’m not sure how bad “hatchet –headed-hell” is in comparison to regular-headed hell, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to find out. 

“I’m all discombobulated.”  This means I’m out of sorts.  I’m not too sure this is isolated to my family, but it’s still pretty uncommon. 

If you are ever at my parent’s house and one of them says they have to consult their diaphragm whilst putting something together….think nothing of it.  They are referring of course to the diagram.  I doubt either one of them has any idea what an actual diaphragm looks like or what to do with one. 

Also, if you ever ask my dad what he’s up to and he actually gives you an answer like “Oh, around 140” he‘s referring to his weight.  Please note, that I will NEVER answer you in this fashion.  If there’s one thing a true Southern lady never does it is divulge her weight in polite conversation. 

Now maybe you will be at least a little prepared for polite dinner conversation should you ever find yourself at my family’s place, unlike my best friend in high school.  She was from Pennsylvania.  The first time she met my Dad she just smiled and nodded a lot.  When we left she asked me what on earth he had just said to her. 

Well, I’m “fixin’ “to get outta here and head back to the house.   You know, God willing and the creek don’t rise.  (That’s for real where I come from.)  I’m just sayin…


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