I’m Grumpy & I Know It

As some of you may know, I’ve been a bit “under the weather”, as they say, lately so I haven’t written much.  To give you glimpse into my world of late, I had kidney stones, which led to an infection and while I was home taking care of myself I contracted my husband’s nasty head cold.  Now I am not only fighting the infection but I also have a lovely head cold to boot.  This, my friends, has put me in quite a lovely mood.  Now, with that preface out of the way prepare yourselves, because here a couple of things that really chap my hide:

 I’m a planner.  I can be spontaneous, but for the most part I like to know what I’m doing.  When things like concerts come around that I want to go to I try to get tickets as soon as I can so that I get the seats I want.  If they happen to be general admission then I am the one who will get there super early and get in line so I can get the coveted “aisle seat.”  It isn’t so much because the view is better as it is that I have a little bit of what they like to call “claustrophobia.”  The idea of not being able to jump up and run should something bad happen petrifies me.  Yes, I realize my logic is flawed in that the facility is huge and I would still get trampled, but my chances are improved if I’m the first one to the door.  I do the same thing at church.  We go to a large church, so I like to get there early and snag an aisle seat.  The thought of having to sit in the middle does bad things to me.  Don’t even get me started on what happens if I have to sit in the balcony.  Now, here’s where I get prickly.  It never fails that about two songs in at church someone will come up on stage and announce to us that it would be “SUPER” if we could all just squeeze in to the middle seats to give those just coming in a chance to find a seat.  To this I say NO!  I don’t mean to sound unkind or unchristian-like, but give me a break!  I did not get up early, get myself ready and get down there when I did only to be smushed in at the last minute by Mr. “can’t wake up to an alarm clock and didn’t take a shower, but still had time to stop for coffee.”  So, perhaps I’m a bit jaded.  I know what some of you are thinking.  No…I promise I will not be that cranky old lady shouting at the kids to get off my lawn one day.  If you try to get me to give up my seat, however, you are getting the stare down. 

 Next, let us travel on to the topic of people who are clearly at lunch.  I am an hourly employee.  I am physically at work for 9 hours a day, but one of those glorious hours is all mine to do with as I please.  That hour is called the LUNCH hour.  Many of those I spend at my desk with my door closed, quietly reading or playing a computer game, but it is evident that I am AT LUNCH.  Why, then, is it deemed alright for you to just come on in and discuss whatever manner of work you feel necessary with me?  A quick hello?  Fine.  Got some papers to leave with me?  No problem!  Sitting down to have a conversation about meetings you might like to happen next week?  GET OOOOOOUT!!!!!!  Most of the time I don’t get so riled up about such things.  I think it is just the fact that I’d really prefer to be at home on my sofa with a fuzzy blanket, my pillow and my cats that has done it to me this week.  Oh the humanity!!! 

 My advice to you for today, kids, is to drink plenty of water, stay away from people who sneeze constantly and keep clear of me for a few more days.  It’s safer that way for everyone.  I’m just sayin…


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