Radio Schmadio

I realize I’m not like most people, but there is something that has really been bothering me that I just have to get off my chest.  I like all kinds of music, but what I find myself most drawn to is Christian radio.  I like not having to worry about what I’m listening to in the car with my child and I like that I can sing along and praise God and be uplifted.  These are good things.  There are three really good stations here too that I have to choose from.  What gets me though is when they have listeners call in to discuss “topics” or talk about “where they are” in their walk.  You know what, radio people…I DON’T CARE!!  I know that sounds callous…because it is.  Here’s the deal though:  When I tune in to the radio station it is because I want to take my mind OFF of my problems and have a little bit of an escape.  It isn’t so I can listen to how much worse someone else’s life is than mine.  That isn’t encouraging…that is depressing.  I don’t need to hear about how you kicked your drug habit or how you lost the person you care most about in the world.  I don’t care to cry on my drive home.  That isn’t really good for my abilities behind the wheel, not to mention what it does to my sinuses.  I don’t want to hear some listener whine endlessly about how much your station means to them.  Put that on your website or something…That way people who want to be depressed can read it and wallow in their misery along with them.  I’m sure your website even has a section for prayer requests; another thing that doesn’t need to be broadcast on the radio for all the country to hear.  Those things are personal and should stay between the listener and God.  The whole nation doesn’t need to pray for Aunt Wanda’s appendix.  Also, don’t beg me for money every five minutes.  Sell advertising like normal people.  I already give to my church.  Stop making me feel like I’m sending children to their death because I can’t spare another $30 a month.  I know it is a great way to reach lots of people to help those kids.  I don’t deny them that, but just say what you need to, give a link to their ministry and move on.  Don’t make us feel like we are failing as human beings if we don’t have anything extra at the end of the month to send in.  I’m sorry.  Some of us be po. 

Another thing that really irritates me that pertains to Christian media in general:  why is it that when a movie is labeled “Christian” it means that automatically there WILL be tragedy and someone will have to overcome adversity?  Could we not just ONCE have a feel-good Christian romantic comedy?  Just ONCE people!!!    Nobody dies, nobody has some horrible disease or gets hit by a bus and has to recover…just a good ole, romantic comedy about two losers who find each other and end up happily ever after.  I’m just sayin…


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