When Pinterest Attacks

  1.  I’ve seen on Pinterest that in order not to spill pancake batter all over, you should put the batter in a cleaned out ketchup bottle and squeeze the batter into the frying pan.  This makes sense in a perfect world, but have you ever tried to put the pancake batter INTO the ketchup bottle?  Granted, this might work better with a funnel, which I don’t have, but for me this process was messier than just spooning the batter into the stupid frying pan.  It looked very much like my cat had been the one trying to make the pancakes that day and not me. 
  2. A beautiful way to wear long hair is to braid one side and then wrap it around to the other side and pin it.  It should look very neat and pretty when you are done.  I tried this and it looked very much like I just escaped the institution. 
  3. I found a cute pin on how to make Hershey Kisses mice for Valentine’s Day.  These actually turned out okay, but after cutting out the hearts for ears and pasting everything together and adding the googley eyes it took almost an hour to make a dozen of the things.  “So cute and easy” it said.  LIES!
  4. I saw a cute post on how to paint your nails with two colors and have them look like they fade from one to the other.  Instead it looked like I had clawed to death my husband or some small animal.  Note…don’t try that one at home unless you wish to arouse police suspicion.
  5. Speaking of death…I like to look at the “history” page sometimes.  I like history.  What I’m finding a lot of lately, however, is photos of people from the turn of the century that were taken post-mortem.  I understand why the trend started and I’m thankful to God that it stopped, but some of these photos are beyond creepy.  I get why they took them immediately after Uncle Gus died, but in some cases these folks appear to have been dug up.  What tha?!!!  Who does this?!!  Those folks should have been put on a watch list of some kind because there is something wrong with that!  Think too of the emotional damage that was done to these kids who were forced to pose with their dead siblings.  There was way too much of that done.  As if there wasn’t enough at the turn of the century to give kids nightmares…
  6.  I actually saw someone on Pinterest with a tattoo that read “We must live until we die.”  Really, genius?  Think that one up all by yourself did you?  What if you wanted to die BEFORE you die?  Or maybe I just wanted to play dead?  Could I do that? 

All this aside, there are some really good recipes out there, some really cute animal pictures and some really hilarious quips.  Just be careful which craft ideas you go with and always consider your true ability to complete these things before you choose one to try.  You might like to paint a Monet, but if you have the ability of a 4 year old with finger paints it probably won’t turn out the same.  (Also, don’t eat the paste.)  I’m just sayin…


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