Driving Me Crazy

I know what you’re thinking…”Jo…you are already crazy.  That’s not much of a drive.”  True…true…but today’s topic is all about traffic and the way people behave in it…thus the title.  I thought I would bring to light a few of the little things that people do in my daily commute that I simply don’t understand.  Hang on, ‘cause here we go!

 If you and I come to a 4-way stop sign and it is just the two of us and you clearly get there first, don’t try to be “nice” and let me go first.  This only confuses the matter and causes us both to sit there longer while I try to figure out if you are baiting me.  Just freaking go!  This costs me precious time every morning while this one truck and I come to the same stop sign and the kind creature makes me go first.  The one day I automatically go they will floor it.  I have no doubt.  It’s a set-up.

 Next, If we are driving down the interstate and I am going 80 in the slow lane and the person in the middle lane is also going 80 but in a position where you can’t pass me, do NOT ride my bumper.  It will not cause me to go faster.  I am already speeding.  It will, in fact, cause me to keep pace with that other car just to aggravate you.  It is these little things that actually give me pleasure.  Remember this. 

 If you or your car can/will not go above the posted speed limit please do not get in the fast lane and make it your bitch.  That lane was intended for people in a bigger hurry than you to actually pass other drivers just like you while on their way to places that matter, unlike you.  MOVE OVER.  (I’m talking to you, Kentucky drivers.)

 Most of the time if you have a blinker on I will let you over.  I’m pretty good about that.  Do not, however, consider the blinker a free pass to do whatever you want in the lanes of rush hour traffic.  You will suffer the consequences at some point…usually in the form of my blaring horn followed by loud off-key singing with the windows down while moving slowly….you can’t run from that, jack wagon.   :o)

 This last thing pertains to the garage in the afternoon when I’m getting ready to leave.  I will be the first to admit that I don’t back up exceptionally well.  It is for this reason that I always try to back into a space in the morning when there aren’t that many cars around.  If in the afternoon, however, I am backing OUT of a space I am extra cautious.  I look both ways, check the ramp above to make sure nobody is coming so that I don’t get surprised while I’m getting out of the space.  Inevitably though, by the time I get out of my space someone will have been driving so quickly through the garage that they will already be on me by the time I get backed out.  Not just close by, but SO close I can’t even see their front bumper.  If you see someone backing out of a space, it is usually a good idea to give them some room.  I am constantly checking all angles as I back out so if you are able to get on me that quickly you are driving way too fast in the first place, but secondly, getting that close is not going to hurry me up.  In fact, when you do this it only makes me go slower.  It might also make me realize the need to clean my windshield so they get an extra shower. 

 That’s all.  Common courtesy people…it won’t kill ya.  I’m just sayin…


One thought on “Driving Me Crazy

  1. Oh dear, we must have been seperated at birth! I completely concur! Bless you for airing your grievances in hopes others will behave as they could and well by the should! Rock on friend!

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