Stick It!

I don’t understand people who have bumper stickers on their cars. I can deal with window decals. You can scrape those off if you need to. Even those I can only take in moderation though. For example: All you ladies who have your precious little stick figure families…think about this. You are advertising exactly how many people a home-invader needs to tie up and beat/rape and how many kids are there in your household for resale. Also, you are letting them know if there are any dogs that need to be disposed of. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject.

Now, on to the bumper sticker issue…When I see a bumper sticker on a car I automatically take issue with the person driving it. Even if I were to get to know the person and they turned out to be okay, deep in my subconscious there would be that knowledge that they were one of “those” people and it would be really hard for me to deal with. There are several types of people who put a bumper sticker on their car.

First there is the wannabe comedian. This person generally starts out okay, but then the joke they chose gets kind of old, but he/she has placed this on their car and there is no getting that thing off. That joke is there to stay, no matter how stale it is. This just shows that they didn’t think it through very well. Poor judgment…

Next we have the political supporter. Poor thing doesn’t realize that if his or her candidate doesn’t win they are driving around the “loser-mobile” for the next forever. Then, if the candidate DOES win, it is just like they are rubbing it in the face of everyone who didn’t vote for that person. Stupid….just don’t do it. Prop it in your window if you have to, but for the love of humanity please don’t put that crap on your car!

Then there are the braggers…you know the ones. They have either the bumper sticker that tells about how their kid is an honor student or they have a window decal that just says a number, like 13.1 or 26.2. It took me forever to figure out that meant they had either run a half or whole marathon. Does anybody else see the irony that they have a sticker on their CAR about how far they can RUN? It’s sort of like all those idiots who have all the Harley advertisements on their crappy pick-up trucks. I feel like telling them it’s a truck, not a motorcycle…slapping the logo on it isn’t going to change that or suddenly make it awesome.

I have saved the most irritating for last. The vilest of all offenders is the activist. These folks will have stickers all over their car. They don’t even keep to the bumper. Their causes range from saving the trees to why can’t we all just get along. You will recognize these people because their cars will be in one of two categories. They will either be driving something so old that they just don’t care anymore (these are the ones that plaster them everywhere) or they will be driving a hybrid or electric car. The hybrid driver will only have one or two stickers telling us to be good to the environment or perhaps to “save the ta-tas”. These people never get up to the speed limit and look at you like you are a murderer if, heaven forbid, you happen to be driving an SUV. <GASP!> My favorite has to be the “coexist” sticker made with the symbols from all the different religions. I take exception to that one seeing as how about half of those other religions think that people in mine should die. Kinda hard to coexist with that. I’m just sayin…


6 thoughts on “Stick It!

  1. Ok, I know we are related and all but really… you have taken the thoughts right out of my head!
    I love the raw truth. Its cleansing. LOL

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