Things That Drive Me Batty

I know, I know…I’m already batty…can’t be a far drive. Anyway, there are several things that are sending me there faster and I thought I would share to see if I’m the only one or if there are others out there with the same issues.


  1. I hate it when I’m on Facebook and I’m scrolling down and happen to pass a video and it starts playing. Facebook, if I want to see that person’s video I will click on it like a normal person. I am not so lazy that I require it to automatically start by simply getting close to it with the mouse. Stop that.
  2. I am tired of these ads off to the side of web pages that play video while I’m trying to read something. It is distracting and I am guaranteed NOT to buy that product because I feel harassed.
  3. I am tired of the ads at the top of web pages that expand if you get close to them and then when you scroll down and actually get to the content you wanted they close back up, thereby moving where you were and making you start all over. This happens a great deal to me and I’m over it.
  4. Back to Facebook…I’m tired of changing my sort to “Most Recent” only to log back in and have it at “Top Stories” again. I have to change this setting over and over. How do THEY know what I consider a top story? How dare they!!
  5. Now to work: I’m tired of spending an entire day scheduling a “must have” meeting with top executives only to find out that ONE person didn’t update their Outlook to reflect their vacation day and I have to start from scratch.
  6. I don’t understand how people think it is okay to stick the mouth piece to their water bottle all the way up on the filtered water spout. Other people use that! You might be a delightful person, but I wouldn’t stick my tongue in your mouth and I don’t want your mouth funk in my water.


These are just a few of the things that have been driving me crazy of late. I’m sure I’ll have more to add another day. In the meantime, if you see me starting to twitch, just ignore it. It’s the “new normal.” I’m just sayin…


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