Jo-Jo Rooney

Forgive me for sounding a bit like ole Andy today, but somebody has to say these things:

Can someone please tell me what happened to buying a pound of coffee? Now when you get coffee it is in ounces like it is some precious metal. What the heck?! If there is one thing you don’t want to short someone on it is their caffeine.

Why do they make traffic lights that don’t have turn arrows or take turns? I’m tired of getting stuck on a cross street trying to go left because of all the people who are rushing to go right when the light turns green or who need to go straight from the opposite side. I’ve had to sit through three lights before because of the timing. Let the main street go like it should and then let each side street have a turn. Don’t make them go at it like something out of Hunger Games.

Why are incompetent people never fired? There are people who make it their life goal to do nothing useful and for whatever reason NEVER GO AWAY. On the flip side, take a good employee who makes an honest mistake and their head is on the chopping block immediately. Where is the common sense, people?

Why are the Cadbury Crème Eggs so much smaller now than when I was a kid? These things are way too small. Your tongue doesn’t even fit up in there now to get all the gooey cream out. I call Shenanigans!!

These are the things weighing on my mind today. Pitiful I know. Just be glad I’m not in charge of things…I would clean house. Although maybe a little light housework might be good for society and what ails it…I’m just sayin…


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