Make it Stop

I know there are lots of memes out there on the inter webs about “If you rode in the car with no seat belt as a kid and survived…” Back when I was a kid we really did do that. We also rode in the back window on occasion or up front when <GASP> we were less than 13 years old. But in order to keep us “safer” now most cars have airbags which will kill a small child if it gets hit in the face with it…thus the reason that they have to sit in the back seat. I think that is kind of cruel, personally, because they are the shortest people in the car and for sure can’t see out from back there. Let’s work out a way to place the airbags differently or something. That’s not the point of my ire today though…sorry to get off subject.

I just heard on the radio this morning that they are looking to ban cell phone usage in cars completely because even hands free talking is distracting the driver. I have to say something about this. Yes, I’m sure it DOES distract the driver to a certain extent. Guess what though…so does talking to the person who is actually IN the car with you. What next…no passengers? Other things that distract us…eating while driving, drinking coffee while driving, changing the dial on the radio while driving. At what point does society draw the line and say enough is enough? If they tell me I can’t have coffee in my car I am going to quit my job and just pitch a tent on the lawn of Capitol Hill. NOBODY takes my caffeine away from me….NOBODY!! I figure by the time my daughter is old enough to drive we will all just have big padded bubbles that we drive around in with no radio to listen to or extra seats for passengers. Kids get to ride in a bubble affixed to the top of your bubble. Theirs will bounce.  If this fitness initiative keeps going like it is they will also require us to peddle it with our feet or run in it like a giant hamster.

Another area which pertains to our freedom being removed is with regards to the idiot who owns the Clippers. You know, I don’t agree with a thing he said. He’s a bad man with an ugly heart. There’s no question about that. However, what he said is protected by our Constitution. He had every right to say it freely and without fear of recompense. Granted, none of us had to like it or agree with it or even support him anymore, but to force him to sell a team he OWNS and then fine him, etc. for a personal conversation that was recorded without his knowledge is stepping WAY over the line. At what point do we stop this? We already know that the NSA records things regularly without our knowledge or approval. What happens if they hear us say something that offends them? Will they then be legally allowed to throw us in jail or make us sell all our possessions to pay a fine that some judge makes up? It has to stop.

Basically, today I’m just angry that people are so all up in our business. How do we know they are any safer/smarter than us? If they tell us no more cell phones then none of you will ever hear from me again. That’s the only time I have to actually carry on a conversation. Heaven forbid if someone hear me say something offensive…I may have to sell my car. You might still see me though…I’ll have to jog to work in order to get into shape for those hamster bubbles that are coming down the pike. I’m just sayin…


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