Random Observations

  1. Why is it that swimsuit makers are under the impression that we don’t need an actual bra in our swimsuits? I mean…wearing a swimsuit is degrading enough for most women, but the ONE thing we can show off while wearing one is our bosoms. How about a little under-wire and forget that dang “soft cup” you all are so proud of?   And don’t just design those for super models either…REAL WOMEN need them.
  2. How do people get so out of control that they end up on Hoarders? I understand mild hoarding…keeping useful things or buying two of everything, but to leave dirty diapers piled up for months and actually have dead animals in your house that you knew nothing of…HOW does this happen? I know…mental disability could be a cause, but some of these people I’ve seen on the show just strike me as lazy. Nobody expects you to have a spotless house, just maybe one with less feces lying around…just a thought.
  3. Why do people begging for money on the street feel it is okay to be smoking a cigarette while they panhandle? If you can afford a pack of cigarettes, then I assure you that you have more money than I do. I mean…I realize it is an addiction, but as much as I love chocolate and want it every day if I had no money and was reduced to begging on the street corner then I don’t think I’d be doing it with a bar of Dove chocolate in my mouth. I’m just sayin…

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