Road Trip!

This weekend found me on a road trip with my mom, my sister and my daughter. We drove two and a half hours to watch my niece’s graduation from college as the President of her class. She got to give a speech and everything! We are very proud of her. At any rate, this involved two and a half hours in the back of an extended cab truck sitting next to my daughter. There are several things I learned on this trip. The first thing is that I cannot handle being in the back of an extended cab truck for two and a half hours. I kinda freaked out. Apparently my threshold is right around an hour before I start twitching and finding it difficult to breathe. I tried to get through this by reading, but with a 9 year old next to you, that’s not really possible. I’ve never seen someone get so upset over not being able to roll down her window. I think she covered just about every way there was to ask me if she could roll it down and when she got the same answer of “no” she followed it with “why not.” I haven’t had to pull out the ole “Because I’m your mother and I said so” act in a while, but by golly it came out this weekend. The second thing I learned is that my sister is way mellower than I realized. Nothing seemed to faze her. “Hey, Sis, I think we just missed our exit!” “No problem…we’ll catch the next one.” “Hey Sis, I think you might be a little close to that car.” “Ah…they can get in through their window. No worries.” The last thing I learned is that my mom is completely deaf in her left ear. Why is this significant you might ask…Because her left ear was to us the entire trip. Once we realized that she was only picking up about half of our conversations it became clear why her answers were so bizarre. So, now you have the picture of what that truck was like. There was my sister up front laid back and driving, my mom next to her not hearing a word any of us said and me in the backseat involuntarily twitching and arguing with a 9 year old. It was heaven. We were our own travelling sitcom.

Once we arrived in town for the event things improved greatly. I bolted from the back like a caged animal and once I had air everything was fine. I stopped snapping at them and wishing other drivers to suffer from various diseases. (It was rough.) We enjoyed a nice lunch with my brother and his family and then made our way to the graduation. Mom’s knees aren’t what they used to be so we had to sit on the isle behind the wheelchair section for the graduation. I stood for a while next to her and ended up sitting on the steps. The funniest part was that there was a list of 670 graduates. We thought they would never finish. Mom and I would cheer each other when names got skipped for whatever reason. We had planned to bolt as soon as my niece got her diploma, but of course her speech wasn’t until after the diplomas were handed out. In the meantime, every time someone would come or go from the section in front of us, mom’s feet would get run over. There wasn’t really room between that section and her to get through and they plowed right on past. You haven’t seen bad driving until you have one elderly pushing another through a crowded arena. They make their own path and laugh while they’re doing it. Hey, at least maybe she can get into those shoes that were a little small now!

Once things wrapped up and she gave her speech we were outta there! The drive back was better somewhat, because I couldn’t see all those trees we were passing and I concentrated on my tablet games. It felt like no time before we were home…at 12:30am. Now this might not seem late to many of you, but to me that was like pulling an all-nighter. I’ve reached the age where at a certain time of night my body goes into reserve mode with or without me. I made it back to my house though and we were tucked snugly in bed by 1:00.

I’m really glad I got to go on this trip. I shared experiences with my family that I won’t soon forget. I got to see my beautiful and talented niece graduate from College. I also learned a little bit about myself…when trapped I bite. I’m just sayin…


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