Don’t Go Changin…

Can I take a moment and talk directly to all the female stars out there please? It doesn’t matter if you are country or rock and roll or an actress on TV…just listen up. STOP dressing like a damned skank! I realize, of course, that sex sells. You all have “handlers” who tell you what to do and when and how to do it. Here’s something I don’t think you realize though. You have the power to say NO! YOU are the talent…they NEED you….be who you are…not who they make you.

What is up with these people who built up HUGE fan bases deciding when they turn 18 that they need to be total hos to sell records? These people are completely alienating the ones who got them where they are. Granted, they don’t have to stay kids forever, but the transition shouldn’t include lyrics that make even me blush and less clothing than most strippers wear. Where is your self-worth? You are totally prostituting yourself for fame and fortune. It isn’t necessary. For example, cute little Selena Gomez…I used to love her. We bought her first record and loved it. Everything she’s released since then has been extremely sexual. Is that necessary? Nope! The songs she did before were love songs and they were just fine for my daughter to hear. Same goes for poor little Miley Cyrus. She had a fan base that is larger than most professional athletes. She threw them all away so she could be a nasty little skank. For what? She has money already. I guess she wasn’t famous enough. Now they are trying to mess up my Ariana. Her first album was fantastic. She was still adorable in interviews and on awards, etc. Next album is coming out and all of a sudden she’s wearing clothes that don’t look like her and trying to dance all provocatively. If you’re out there, Ariana, don’t let them do this to you! Be who you are. Don’t let them change you for fame. You are more valuable as a human being than that.

I would LIKE to be able to watch a music video to a song I like WITH my child. Now though I have to view everything FIRST to make sure it is suitable. The song may be a silly love song, but the video will likely involve a barely dressed woman doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with the song. Or perhaps just once I’d like to be able to watch an awards show without worrying about there being a woman on there wearing next to nothing “dancing” and singing her song. You don’t see men doing that. They are always fully clothed. They aren’t expected to be shirtless on an awards show so everybody can see their washboard abs are they? I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking she has to be a toothpick like these women (with personal trainers I might add) or thinking that she has to dress like that to get attention. Yes…she will get attention alright…from the wrong kind of guy and the business end of my paddle…I don’t care HOW old she is. What happened to women being proud to be called a lady? You can be fun and sassy and still be a lady. I mean, everyone loved Audrey Hepburn…beautiful, fun, and CLASSY. Instead of bringing sexy back like Justin, perhaps the women of music could bring classy back. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? I’m just sayin…


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