Yard Sales are for Closers

This weekend I tried, yet again, to have a yard-sale. I have never been terribly successful with this endeavor in the past, but the most success I ever had was when I had it at my late Aunt’s house. With my sister now living there, I thought I would try my luck there again this time. For six months I set things aside, priced, organized and had everything in boxes, labeled, for easy display. I advertised in the local papers and on-line and had the best signs I’ve ever seen for a yard-sale (hot pink and held in place by tomato stakes.) The day before the sale, it rained and it rained and then it rained some more. I was beginning to get the idea…God did NOT want me to go through with this. In looking at the forecast I did some praying. I did a LOT of praying. God answered, loud and clear. We had the most pleasant two days of weather that we have had in a month. What we didn’t have, however, were customers. Apparently the main signs I had created and placed ever so lovingly at the end of the street that leads to theirs were removed by the City…but I’m not bitter. Without these, only locals would know where we were and all of my directions in the advertising were useless. We were sunk. This meant that I, once again, had to box things up and tote them all back to my house where they will sit, taking up room, until I decide to try this again at my own house (or until the mice decide to make condos out of the boxes.)

 I did, at least, have a very enjoyable time with my sister, my mom and dad and my daughter. It was also nice to mingle with the locals. There was something about all that hard work, the organization and the spending all my time outdoors that has made me feel better about the lack of sales situation. The fact that I came out slightly better than breaking even also helped. Still though…all that time spent for little of nothing is a bit discouraging. I think next time I will just send random unwanted items to people I know via the US Postal Service. The idea of seeing them wild-eyed with anticipation, only to open a box of used, size 9 shoes amuses me greatly. Maybe I could even just go leave these on people’s doorsteps. Is it a ricin-laced, unpost-marked letter or a package of Barney the purple dinosaur party napkins? Every day is a new surprise! Hey! Maybe I’ll even make the news like that mystery guy who is handing out money… Or, maybe I’ll be arrested for littering…it’s a toss-up. I’m just sayin.


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