The Cover Up

You know, I’m seeing lots of posts on Facebook lately that disturb me. One today was a blog about a blog that upset the first blogger. The topic was that the lady was upset that her friends were posting bikini pics for her husband to see because they were going through a rough time and didn’t need those stumbling blocks. The other lady’s point of view was that she had every right to post those pics and maybe the husband and wife had bigger issues than that. Here’s where I stand. I can totally understand the wife’s issues. Nobody wants their husband having “those mental images” of friends/co-workers. Most of the time it is harmless enough, but if you are already in a bad place, it can do more damage. Yes, the lady is probably insecure. Anyone having marital problems would be. That’s not a crime. We all get older, and less perfect physically, and for women that is much harder than it is for men. Men still think they are studs, but the women know they can and, in some cases, will be traded in on a younger/firmer model. That is where this poor woman is coming from. On the flip side, the person posting the bikini pics is more than likely just posting vacation photos and that is what she wears to the beach. Now, there ARE some women (I know a few) who post those photos to get attention. They are the ones who aggravate me. I want to comment, “Yes…we know you have big boobs…you want an award or something?” or “Hey, Honey…You really need a sammich!” You know these women because they “pose” for their selfie or what have you. I call these the attention hos. There are lots of them out there.

 Another thing I’ve been seeing recently is all the dance pictures that my friend’s kids are in. I love these people. They are good, kind, moral people. For some reason though, their little girls are wearing make-up and really little clothes. This disturbs me. They are children…let’s allow them to be that. No make-up, no mini-skirts. Cover them up! Do you KNOW how many pedophiles there are in the world? Do you realize that they could also be viewing these photos and I guarantee you they aren’t saying, “Oh! How adorable!” It makes me physically ill to think about.

 The bottom line here, ladies, is modesty. Nobody said you have to dress like your grandma, but there is definitely a less trashy way to look. Don’t go around in miniskirts and low cut blouses if you don’t want men to look and women to hate you. It will happen. Also, when choosing a bathing suit, perhaps if you have to worry that if you bend over you will pop out of it or that a strong ocean wave could take the suit with it then maybe that suit isn’t appropriate for wearing in public. I see people on the beach with less fabric on than they would have if they had gone out in their bra and panties. Those are the REAL insecure women. Anyone who wants to draw that kind of attention can’t be too confident in their personalities. I’m just sayin…


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