Random Observations

  1. Today when I went to feed my chickens I saw a huge spider web in the coop…with TWO spiders sharing it. I’ve never seen this behavior before. The ONE good thing about spiders is that they are loners. If they are now traveling in packs none of us is safe. The apocalypse is surely near.
  2. The black bird migration this year seems to be in full swing. I think our house is some sort of stop-over for them on their way to Cancun. We are like the Panama City Beach of Tennessee with all the partying that goes on in those trees. I’ve never seen so many birds in one place, but they are there EVERY morning. My daughter thinks this is cool and said it sounds like we are at the beach with all the chirping. What I think is that I should stop watching Alfred Hitchcock movies.
  3. Why, when you shampoo your carpet to remove a stain, does that stain re-appear two days later? I hear it is because the stain is in the padding of the carpet, but if it disappears from the carpet itself, how does it seep back through? This defies logic.
  4. Do you ever get your hands on a book so good you feel actual pain when you have to stop reading it and go do something else? Right now it is in my purse…taunting me.
  5. Why do accidents in traffic happen? If people would just simply pay attention to what they are doing we would be accident free. I saw a woman this morning actually brushing her hair and putting on mascara while traveling along at 55 mph. WHO DOES THIS???
  6. I just got an advertisement from Build-A-Bear to remember Grandparent’s Day. Why, I ask you, would grandparents feel the need to take their grandchild into that place and blow $30-$50 on a day that is supposed to be about THEM, not the kids? They are really grasping at straws on this one. At least the folks pictured seemed happy with their rainbow heart bear. I wonder if they will share it or if a fight will break out between the elderlies. That would be something to see, wouldn’t it? Might make it worth the trip in. I’m just sayin…

PS: Don’t forget your grandparents this Sunday. Give them a call while you are still fortunate enough to have them there. :o)


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