Where My Hos At?

I’d like to take a minute to talk to JUST the females today. I know I’ve touched on this subject before, but today I’m going to harp a little. I cannot tell you how tired I am of being bombarded with half naked girls everywhere I go. If I turn on the TV there are commercials where barely dressed women are selling underwear or hamburgers. You can’t watch a football game without half dressed women cheering pointlessly for their team. I go to the mall and these teens and 20-somethings are wearing shorts cut up to their ass cheeks and tops that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Now I tend to be a bit critical at times and I’ve been scolded lately for making a comment about someone being a ho. I was told, “You know, that is a really sweet girl if you would take the time to get to know her.” You know what? I’ll bet you are right, but no “sweet” girl dresses like a prostitute. I’m sure lots of Playboy models do charity events and are good hearted, but they are still tramps. What these women have on says “I’m easy!” When did we lose our moral compass? When did being a whore become acceptable? Maybe these girls would never in a million years do anything they shouldn’t and maybe they would slap a guy for commenting on her, but you know what? You are dressing the part. What are men supposed to think? There was a time when you knew the cheap girls from the good ones. It was so much simpler then.

I’ve also heard the argument from some of these women that they have every right to dress however they want and it is female power to do this. Let me tell you, ladies…you are not doing anyone any favors here. NO woman wants to be viewed as an object, but that is exactly what this leads to. When a man looks at that he sees only that part of her…not her mind…not her heart. THOSE are the things that are supposed to count, but in today’s society it is perfectly alright for a man to objectify a woman as long as he doesn’t say that. Women are constantly judged on their appearance, even by other women. Some of these women USE their assets to get what they want. Isn’t that the same as prostitution? But they would smack you where you stand if you call them what they are.

Maybe this means a little more to me because I have a daughter and I’m tired of her seeing this stuff and thinking this is what she is supposed to look like. I guess I’m just tired of being told I’m judgmental just because I call it like I see it. If a horse has stripes it either IS a zebra or desperately wants to be one. You can’t just say, “Oh, look at the pretty horse!” This is all getting very tiresome to me. If you don’t want to be called a ho then please, Ladies, for the love of PETE….cover that shit up. I’m just sayin…


One thought on “Where My Hos At?

  1. Hilliarious !!! Yes I spelled it wrong. That’s my “Harris” version of the word.
    I do feel exactly the same way.
    I have had some experience arguing the point.

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