Falling Down

Well, Fall is finally upon us and I’m not sure how to feel about it. You see, I’m a Spring and Summer girl. I don’t really care how hot it gets, but being cold is like torture to me. Spring brings with it renewed hope and beauty. Flowers bloom and grass gets green and we no longer are confined to our houses every weekend because we don’t want to freeze to death. The sun shines and even when it rains it is still beautiful because of the contrasting colors of the green trees and the varying hues of gray in the sky. I like my world to be vibrant and alive.

Fall always has an effect on me. I tend to be grumpy and depressed and generally ill willed. Part of it is knowing what is just around the corner….WINTER. I’m a bit claustrophobic and knowing that I will be relegated to my house for the next several months is something I don’t like thinking about. True, I do get to wear pajamas a lot more often and catch up on all the good shows on TV, but it isn’t the same. Going to the store becomes a hassle because you have to layer so much and struggle with a coat getting in and out of the car. Going outside at all in the Fall is difficult for me due to the fact that for some reason everyone decides to become little pyromaniacs this time of year. I’m highly allergic to smoke…especially tobacco smoke. This poses a problem for me given that I live in Robertson County…the Dark Fired tobacco capital of the US. Every barn anywhere near us looks to be on fire, but they are just firing the tobacco. One whiff of this and I can’t breathe and develop a migraine. Our neighbors love this time of year. They are all out in their back yards burning something or other every chance they are given. I really need to live in a bubble.

Let’s not also forget the spider population, which, for some reason, boons this time of year. I can scarcely walk to the chicken coop without having to defend myself with karate chops and high kicks. I HAD a spider gettin’ stick that I leave in my Florida room, but the spiders in the Florida room thought it would be funny to actually weave a web AROUND it. Bastards. (You see? I’m grumpy.)

I guess Fall has always seemed like a prolonged death knoll to me. The trees lose their leaves and look so bare and empty. The grass turns brown and the sky gray. I know it is just going to sleep and will wake back up soon, but I don’t like being away from it. Huh…I just realized there is a correlation between that and death. We all die, but the Bible says we are really just “asleep in Christ.” I guess that means when we wake back up that will be our Spring. It isn’t pleasant for those of us still awake, but eventually we will have that beauty again. Nice hidden message, God. Sneaky…but good. :o)

On the positive side, it is hard to beat the sunrises and sunsets in the Fall. Plus it is nice to be able to open the windows for a while…oh wait…I can’t…too much FIRE all around me. (But I’m not bitter.)

So, I guess what I’m saying here is to remember that if I seem down it isn’t really anything to worry about. Like the earth, my good mood has just gone to sleep until Spring. Until then please feel free to ply me with chocolate and tell me jokes every chance you get. I’m going to need it. I’m just sayin…


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