Hippy-Hippy Shake

So, I’m noticing that all of our “hippy” friends are reaching a certain age now and this worries me greatly. These are the folks who protested everything in the 70s and smoked a lot of dope and support the arts, etc. Now, while I don’t generally dislike the whole lot of them, I must say the majority were really irritating from a conservative farm-girl standpoint (and smelly). Picture people who are still hanging on to that rebel image, driving their hybrid and electric cars really slowly and flipping you the “peace” sign after they cut you off in traffic. Yes, this actually happened to me today. Think about this aging populace. These folks are going to already have had their minds altered by the drugs they did as youths and now they are trying to navigate the passages of getting older and losing what was left of their memories. These old geezers and gals are going to be the ones protesting the split pea soup in the cafeteria at the home and refusing to bathe because they shouldn’t be forced to do something they don’t want to. Just think of this as a healthcare professional or even as kids of these folks. We are in for a real wave of trouble here. I’m telling ya…total anarchy!

I believe we should live and let live. I’m not telling them how to live their lives or what to think. All I’m saying is that it’s going to be really hard to get the keys away from these folks. They will either think it is a conspiracy or that the establishment is trying to keep them down. Watch out on the roads. I’m just sayin…


One thought on “Hippy-Hippy Shake

  1. Wow. I actually fit in that category… sort of. You have to admit that a “sit in” is much nicer than a riot.
    Stinky B.O. ??? I have gone without shaving my pits and legs for a few months only one time. I prefer clean shaven. :0)
    If the world smoked more natural organic weed there would be less anger and more restaurants.

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