Today I’d like to tackle a topic that will likely cause a stir among my friends. I will remind you that this is my point of view only. Please don’t become angry with your comments or decide to hate me because of it. I have a lot of friends who disagree with me. Today’s topic is abortion.  I already know the backlash from this one is going to be painful.

There is a bill up for vote this November in our state that will make it much harder to get an abortion here. I’m actually okay with that. I’ve seen many comments from the opposition saying that the government should not be involved in such a personal decision and that it is the woman’s body…she should decide. I wonder though if they ever consider the unborn child who’s life is being ended in their womb. That’s the one who has no real voice yet. Isn’t it up to SOMEONE to protect that baby? You can argue all you want about viability and when is it an actual person. If anyone has ever gone through the process or been in a biology class that explains things then you will know that it becomes a person as soon as that egg is fertilized. After just a few weeks it has human features, etc. It is truly a miracle. I understand that there are bad situations that require more thought on the topic. I know people get raped and there are occasions where the life of the mother vs the life of the infant are to be calculated. Let me say this though…there are families all over this country who would die to have a child and who can provide love for yours. They don’t care what situation the child came from…all they care about is having a baby to love. If you were raped, that is horrible. No question about it…but that baby is still half you…isn’t that worth something? A horrible event could lead to a child who adores you and who completes you weather you wanted him/her or not. Perhaps your life is in danger and the only way to live is to abort the fetus. Can you live with that knowing that you chose your own life over that of your own baby? I couldn’t.

If a man can get charged extra for murdering a pregnant lady then why is it okay to murder that baby by itself and call it a “procedure?” You can try to explain this to me, but it will never ever make sense. A life is a life and we should protect it. I’m just sayin…


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