Weighing In

You know, I’m kind of tired of people choosing to protest over things that don’t need to be protested over. If you are going to protest something, first get all the facts. Then, when you have a case, by all means go and protest peacefully and make your voices heard. It is the knee jerk reactions of people, however, that are such a problem. For example, if a man has been arrested 4 times already for sex crimes and then, after being released yet again, goes out and rapes a woman then we should protest whatever system allowed him to go free in the first place. THAT is something to protest. If someone has 5 DUIs and then kills someone while driving drunk, maybe we should look at how he still had a license and was driving. Let’s have a sit in to address that issue. These things happen all the time, but there are no protests. No one goes and riots or has moral outrage to these issues, yet they are far more prevalent and disturbing than what just took place in Ferguson.

Loss of life is never a desired outcome in any situation. Please don’t get me wrong. The problem is that there are confrontations between criminals and the police every day where a policeman of one color shoots at a criminal of another color and it is not always black/white. In most of these cases, also, the shooting is warranted. What people don’t understand is that our Police force is walking around with a virtual target on their chests. If a criminal wants to assault them, they are well marked and easy to find.  They have the right to defend themselves.

In the case in Ferguson, there were multiple witnesses, physical evidence of the officer being beaten and afraid for his life and still people cry out injustice for the criminal who assaulted him. It’s despicable. If this had been a white criminal and the situation were exactly the same, no one would blink an eye. Why, then, just because of his color are people so angry? The neighborhood that the officer was there protecting in the first place, I’m guessing, houses many different ethnicities. Why would he care about that neighborhood if he was a racist? He could have just found a nice white neighborhood to serve and protect. Let’s also not forget that this criminal had just used his brute force to steal items from a local convenience store and had illegal substances in his system. Why are we upset about this again?

There is a small portion of our populace who are hell bent on being angry about something. They cry out for equality, but there will never be equality because they won’t allow it. This pertains to all races. It is more important to be angry. It is this small portion of folks who make so many others look bad. It’s not fair really. I think the majority should start rising up and saying enough is enough. Stop your foolishness and listen to reason.

You know, my daughter recently drove this point home without even knowing it. She has a black friend at school that she really likes. They play together; sit by each other, etc. One day she wanted to sit by another friend and the girl made the comment that she didn’t want to sit by her just because she was black. That though never even crossed her mind. She truly doesn’t see color most of the time and that’s how we have brought her up. She just sees a person. She was so confused by that comment. She asked me what she meant by it. It is parents still instilling in their children the prejudices of their generation that keep progress from happening. Before you point the finger at someone else, just remember you have 3 more pointed back at yourself…I’m just sayin…


How My Mind Works

I am convinced that I will die either because I was staring at the beauty of the sky while driving or by having said the wrong thing to the wrong person at the perfect time.

If I ever snap and smother my husband while he sleeps, women will look at the crime scene photos, see the white socks in the sorter for the colored clothes and nod their heads knowingly.

Can cats and rabbits effectively mate? I only ask because our cat is seemingly in love with our bunny. It’s borderline disturbing.

How do you talk to people who are not only pessimists, but in the “glass is half empty and there’s a fly in it” kind of way? I very much want to shake these folks and tell them to stop wallowing in their own misery before I give them something to be miserable about. There again, that could be the death of me…but sucking the life out of me one complaint at a time is too slow a way to go.

Why is the rain in the Fall/Winter so much more emotionally crushing than it is in the Spring/Summer? It’s all rain.

Why is it that when I’m super thirsty water is the only thing that can quench my thirst, but if someone tells me to drink more water for my health I view it as a radioactive chemical that will peel my esophagus if I ingest it?

Why is it so much fun to link paperclips together but it makes you question your sanity to try to take them apart? Shouldn’t it be just as fun to “un-link” them?

Why is it that people come to me constantly, all day long, with everything as if I know it all, but when I purport to know it all I get laughed at?

Okay, that’s all I have for now. I may delve deeper on one or more of these topics later as time allows. For now, may your days be sunny and your nose not runny. I’m just sayin…

Deep Thoughts by Jo

I have many things running through my mind today. I guess I’ll tackle a few. Please bear in mind that none of these things is related.

  1. I understand totally why poor people are overweight. I thought I would try a tip I read from a nutritionist this week and buy only foods whose ingredients can be found in nature. What I found was that to do this I had to stay in the produce/meat department. This is ridiculously expensive.   You know what people in my income bracket eat? Ramen, spaghetti, etc. It is whatever is cheap and can feed a crowd. These things have TONS of things in them that I can’t even pronounce. I don’t mind them of course…they are tasty, but NOT on the approved nutritionist list. Oh, and just because it says “organic” or “low cal” does NOT mean they are okay to eat. I give up. Give me a box of Krispy Kreme’s and some ho-hos and let me be fat and happy.
  2. Greed is ruining this world. If you look at most of the bad things that happen, greed is behind it. It comes from the belief of people that they are entitled to more than they work for and that they are the center of the universe. Why do people cheat on their taxes or in their business dealings or in their relationships? It is the inherent belief that they are entitled to more or better than what they have. People aren’t ever just happy with what they have any more. They are always looking for the bigger, better deal. Chill out, folks. Sit back and take a look at what is right in front of you and thank the good Lord that you have been allowed to be so fortunate when so many others have nothing at all.
  3. I’m tired of being broke. Granted, I’m broke for good reasons. No gambling problems or whatnot…it’s just harder to make ends meet these days. I should also clarify that I’m not destitute. There just isn’t anything much extra. It’s frustrating. I know people who never have two cents to rub together who always manage to take some elaborate vacation every year. We do well to get to leave town every 3-5 years. Yes, we made the choice to put our daughter in Christian school and that costs more. It’s a decision I don’t regret for a second. Still, I admit, when I see other people’s vacation photos I get just the teensiest bit envious. I’m happy for them, don’t get me wrong…I just wish I could maybe fit in the trunk of their car and then just live on the beach for a few days. That’s all. :o) God has always given us what we need, please don’t think I’m complaining.
  4. Getting older sucks. You feel every bad decision you have ever made. You try to run and your knees make sounds like firecrackers going off (that was all the badminton I played). You walk into a room to do something and you have to retrace your steps to try and remember what that was (maybe I shouldn’t have had all that tequila in my 20s).  You try to put on your clothes from last winter only to find out that your closet shrunk them (okay, so making that Dutch Butter Cake and eating it myself wasn’t the BEST idea). The nerve! It isn’t for the faint of heart, kids…enjoy your youth.
  5. I’m tired of people who have no faith making fun of those of us who do. I don’t make fun of atheists. I don’t agree with them, but I don’t treat them like they are stupid because they are missing the obvious. I also don’t expect them to believe how I do. It would be nice, and it is the goal of every Christian to lead as many as possible to the good news of Jesus, but if they don’t change their minds I am not going to treat them any differently. I can still care about someone who doesn’t have the same faith as me. Time and time again though lately I’m reading things from people making anyone who believes in a higher power to be stupid and gullible and having “drank the Kool-Aide.” It takes way more faith to believe in something you can’t necessarily see than to just not believe in anything at all. Especially when the evidence is all around us. The divine design of things. How can you look at even something as simple as a sunset and not believe in a creator?
  6. Finally, kids, pay attention to what your parents tell you. They aren’t just running their mouths to be irritating. They have been around a while and know a bit more about life than you do. If you just listen you will save yourselves a lot of heart-ache. Things like “take a shower before you start to grow things” and “eat your green vegetables if you want to be strong and healthy” aren’t just things a mom says to be mean. It is backed up by science. Yeah, I said science! I’m just sayin…