How My Mind Works

I am convinced that I will die either because I was staring at the beauty of the sky while driving or by having said the wrong thing to the wrong person at the perfect time.

If I ever snap and smother my husband while he sleeps, women will look at the crime scene photos, see the white socks in the sorter for the colored clothes and nod their heads knowingly.

Can cats and rabbits effectively mate? I only ask because our cat is seemingly in love with our bunny. It’s borderline disturbing.

How do you talk to people who are not only pessimists, but in the “glass is half empty and there’s a fly in it” kind of way? I very much want to shake these folks and tell them to stop wallowing in their own misery before I give them something to be miserable about. There again, that could be the death of me…but sucking the life out of me one complaint at a time is too slow a way to go.

Why is the rain in the Fall/Winter so much more emotionally crushing than it is in the Spring/Summer? It’s all rain.

Why is it that when I’m super thirsty water is the only thing that can quench my thirst, but if someone tells me to drink more water for my health I view it as a radioactive chemical that will peel my esophagus if I ingest it?

Why is it so much fun to link paperclips together but it makes you question your sanity to try to take them apart? Shouldn’t it be just as fun to “un-link” them?

Why is it that people come to me constantly, all day long, with everything as if I know it all, but when I purport to know it all I get laughed at?

Okay, that’s all I have for now. I may delve deeper on one or more of these topics later as time allows. For now, may your days be sunny and your nose not runny. I’m just sayin…


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