Weighing In

You know, I’m kind of tired of people choosing to protest over things that don’t need to be protested over. If you are going to protest something, first get all the facts. Then, when you have a case, by all means go and protest peacefully and make your voices heard. It is the knee jerk reactions of people, however, that are such a problem. For example, if a man has been arrested 4 times already for sex crimes and then, after being released yet again, goes out and rapes a woman then we should protest whatever system allowed him to go free in the first place. THAT is something to protest. If someone has 5 DUIs and then kills someone while driving drunk, maybe we should look at how he still had a license and was driving. Let’s have a sit in to address that issue. These things happen all the time, but there are no protests. No one goes and riots or has moral outrage to these issues, yet they are far more prevalent and disturbing than what just took place in Ferguson.

Loss of life is never a desired outcome in any situation. Please don’t get me wrong. The problem is that there are confrontations between criminals and the police every day where a policeman of one color shoots at a criminal of another color and it is not always black/white. In most of these cases, also, the shooting is warranted. What people don’t understand is that our Police force is walking around with a virtual target on their chests. If a criminal wants to assault them, they are well marked and easy to find.  They have the right to defend themselves.

In the case in Ferguson, there were multiple witnesses, physical evidence of the officer being beaten and afraid for his life and still people cry out injustice for the criminal who assaulted him. It’s despicable. If this had been a white criminal and the situation were exactly the same, no one would blink an eye. Why, then, just because of his color are people so angry? The neighborhood that the officer was there protecting in the first place, I’m guessing, houses many different ethnicities. Why would he care about that neighborhood if he was a racist? He could have just found a nice white neighborhood to serve and protect. Let’s also not forget that this criminal had just used his brute force to steal items from a local convenience store and had illegal substances in his system. Why are we upset about this again?

There is a small portion of our populace who are hell bent on being angry about something. They cry out for equality, but there will never be equality because they won’t allow it. This pertains to all races. It is more important to be angry. It is this small portion of folks who make so many others look bad. It’s not fair really. I think the majority should start rising up and saying enough is enough. Stop your foolishness and listen to reason.

You know, my daughter recently drove this point home without even knowing it. She has a black friend at school that she really likes. They play together; sit by each other, etc. One day she wanted to sit by another friend and the girl made the comment that she didn’t want to sit by her just because she was black. That though never even crossed her mind. She truly doesn’t see color most of the time and that’s how we have brought her up. She just sees a person. She was so confused by that comment. She asked me what she meant by it. It is parents still instilling in their children the prejudices of their generation that keep progress from happening. Before you point the finger at someone else, just remember you have 3 more pointed back at yourself…I’m just sayin…


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