Speaking My Mind

Something has been bothering me. Every time I stop for gas here lately I see moms and dads doing the “kid swap.” It breaks my heart. These people are really kids themselves and are obviously not doing so hot financially based on the vehicles they are driving. Can I just talk to you guys for a moment? There’s this thing called birth control. I don’t know if you’ve heard or not but it’s FREE now. Take advantage and stop having babies you can’t take care of. I feel so bad for these kids getting shipped back and forth while their parents argue about who the other one is dating and don’t forget this or that or the other.

Something else that’s been on my mind…How come there are no Christmas songs about Joseph? Does anyone realize what he went through? Mary is practically worshiped, but poor Joseph gets nothing. This is a guy who had to go COMPLETELY on faith. I mean, he had to have faith that his fiancé didn’t just go out and get knocked up by someone else, but that it was actually divine intervention. Then he had to care for that child as if it were his own. That’s a lot to deal with, especially in that day and age. I say, write a song about Joseph. Let’s give him a little credit for having incredible faith and being a good provider.

Here’s another thing. Would Hollywood please stop announcing that Santa may or may not be for real? Those of us with kids would like to keep the magic alive and stupid Christmas movies cause them to question everything. Keep your big trap shut!

Also, if you don’t like Christmas or the holidays in general please just stay in your house for the next month. Don’t go out in public, grumpy, and ruin everyone else’s Holiday Spirit. Some of us want to be positive and enjoy the season. For some of us it is a welcome distraction to the tragedy that surrounds us. Let’s celebrate the birth of a Savior who, through his sacrifice, has enabled all of us to be forgiven of our shortcomings and able to spend eternity together with Him. That’s the hope I have this time of year. With death and sickness all around me, I have that hope to hold onto and by nab I’m going to get my happy on. If you don’t like it then stay home in your miserable little world. I’m just sayin…


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