British Invasion

Let me start this by saying that I have nothing against the people of England at all. In fact, there are many who are quite delightful. However, I am sick to death of every TV show I watch having some pretentious little English twit on there with their pretentious accent trying to come across as smarter than the others on the show. Just because you have an accent does not make you smarter or better than anyone else. In fact, it is well documented that your royal family are inbred, which here would be ridiculed, but for some reason there is perfectly acceptable. While I’m on the subject I’m also tired of the “smart” one on the show either being from somewhere North in America or from England. Just ONCE I’d love it if the only one with any sense at all spoke with a deep Southern drawl. There are tons of highly intelligent Southerners.  Somehow though, WE are the ones who get made fun of for being inbred.

Back to the British thing…I’m also tired of them pronouncing words incorrectly. The show is called Down Town Abbey. Not DownTon Abbey. Apparently if you don’t pronounce it DownTON you are an unsophisticated half-wit. Too bad, folks…YOU invented the language…try playing by the rules.

Okay…enough about accents…now on to more important things. Would the retailers of the world STOP sending 5 emails a day telling me that this is their best sale yet and the final day for it? I know when I get in tomorrow there will be more emails about the same sale. I’m not stupid. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Moving on….would the people of Pinterest STOP making “urban” versions of Disney princesses? If you have never seen this then you won’t understand, but it is more than a little disturbing. Picture Snow White in jeans and a cut off t-shirt with tattoos all over. I think they are missing the point of what a princess is. There is enough of that crap in the world as it is…let’s let our kids enjoy a little classy royalty while they are small. Let them pretend to wear frilly gowns and go to “the ball” once in a while.

Last, but not least, would Kroger please stop changing the packaging on items, marking it up and then pronouncing they have a “NEW low price!” I shop there 3 times a week. I know what the price should be. I’m not stupid. Just be honest…put a sign up that says “You need this…here’s what you’re going to pay now.” At least I can respect that. I’m just sayin…


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