I’m a Believer

I believe in Bigfoot. There…I said it. I like to think that somewhere out there is a primate smarter than us at staying hidden. They are just out there minding their own business, throwing rocks at the occasional camper, knocking on trees, yucking it up with their fellow sasquatch. I do not, however, believe in mermaids, etc. Do I believe the Mothman could be real? Sure. The Jersey Devil? Perhaps… What about Chupacabre? Yes…I’ve seen one. I have a theory though on what these other things might be. I feel like in many cases these cryptids are just regular animals with a bad defect, or perhaps they are flukes in nature. That thing that washed up on shore a few years back that no one could identify? Turns out that was a dead sea turtle without its shell. That is one scary looking creature! Chupacabre…what is it really? They actually killed one and ran a DNA profile on it. Turns out the thing is a hybrid between a coyote and a dog that for whatever reason is born hairless. Ugly things. Why they choose just to suck the blood out of their prey I’m not sure, but that seems to be their M.O. I have no real theory on the Mothman other than if you see him you better prepare for the worst. My point is simply that I feel kind of sorry for all these things. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that if a person was born with a defect they were put in a circus side show. Now we can help those folks and nobody calls them “freaks” anymore. I believe there will come a day when many of these cryptids are found to be defective animals and nobody will fear them anymore. And yes…I firmly believe that one day someone will get actual proof of Gigantipithicus (bigfoot) and nobody will be afraid of that anymore either.

I also believe in ghosts. I catch crap for this one from my husband. I’ve seen things though that prove to me beyond any doubt that they are real. Do I think that every person who dies becomes a ghost? No…but it isn’t as simple as unfinished business either. I think if you go “to the light” then maybe you stay there. Others I think are walking around in a sort of dream state. Some repeat what they used to do and others give intelligent answers like maybe you are in the dream with them. I won’t have the answers until I, myself, have gone on to the great beyond, but if there is any way I can, you better believe I’m haunting the crap out of somebody. The Bible just says that we are asleep in Christ and that we who believe become as the angels. Well, we know that the angels come and go from the earth…why would we not be able to do the same? As for being asleep in Christ, that is where my dream theory comes from. Of course they are all just theories until we get there ourselves.

Moving on to a completely unrelated topic…Why is it that smokers think it is okay to toss their cigarette butts out the window of their car? Is the world your ash tray? Do you not believe Smokey the Bear about the smallest things starting forest fires? Doesn’t it bother you that you are littering? Somewhere there is a Native American with a tear in his eye over the spoiling of the land. I’m just sayin…


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