Can we talk about TV shows for a minute today?

First, I watch a lot of History Channel. It is one of my most viewed channels…for real. What I don’t understand though is why they spend 5 minutes after the break, explaining what we saw just before the break. If somebody took that long to pee and missed part of it, I’m pretty sure they can find it “On Demand” or something. I feel like I’m being punished for other people’s inability to keep up.

Secondly, I watch a good bit of Travel Channel and Destination America. I love to see house hunting shows that focus on beaches and Alaska…two places that I am not likely ever to move to (although I could easily make a life at the beach). What kills me though is how the couple can give the realtor a price range of, say, $100,000-300,000 and inevitably the realtor will take them to three properties that are $300,000, $315,000 and $325,000. Really? That’s a pretty big range they gave you and you can’t seem to find anything in it. I think I’d opt for a different realtor at that point. The couple almost always chooses the most expensive too. They should call the show “How to overextend yourself” rather than “Buying the Beach.” I’d like to revisit these people 5 years from now to see if they are eating Ramen and sitting on a ten year old futon because of their choices or if they just went bankrupt completely.

Third, I watch a lot of “strange” shows. I like Monsters and Mysteries in America and Ghost Adventures and Monster Quest. Of the ghost shows I enjoy Ghost Adventures a good bit because the guys on there are entertaining. They make me laugh. (Probably not on purpose though.) Ghost Hunters is fantastic, but it is basically the same thing every time. What I don’t get is why all of these shows have to take place at night so that nobody can see anything. You know, of all the hauntings I’ve heard about or experienced the majority happened during the day. The same thing can be said of Finding Bigfoot. If you want to actually find a bigfoot I think you should probably try to find them during the daylight. When you call out and get a response at 2 in the morning it is probably just one telling you in its language to shut up and let it sleep. That’s why they “yell.” I’m just sayin…


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