What do I know?

As most of you know, my thoughts have been pretty occupied lately with ailing parents, but I still managed to find a few things that perplex me that I’d love to share with you all.

  1. I love reading the “Smart Way” traffic signs that hang above the interstate. My favorite lately has been the one sharing the statistics for how many accidents last year were due to distracted driving. I would like to point out that reading the traffic signs is very much a distraction. I wonder if maybe they are trying to beat their number for last year by causing us all to wreck.
  2. What is the proper thing to do when someone walks up to you and starts talking while you are in the process of re-applying your lipstick? It seems wrong to sit there and continue, but talking to someone while your lips are lined but not filled seems strange too.
  3. Why when people are singing do they think it is okay to substitute the word “me” with “may?” It is very irritating. You wouldn’t say “do you want to go to the movie with may?” The person you are inviting would be trying to figure out who “May” is. Just work with me here…
  4. I wonder what rabbits think about. Mine always looks like she is plotting my death…or destruction of the universe.
  5. Why is it that my house looks like a tornado hit it whether I’m home or not? If I’m home, I’m constantly picking up…shouldn’t it theoretically look better?
  6. I think the next time I have to visit anyone at the hospital I’m just going to wear surgical gloves the entire time I’m there. It’s the only way to not get sick. I visited my mom five nights last week and ended up with strep throat. How?
  7. Why is it that shows I like have seasons that consist of like 6 episodes, but other garbage has like 20 per season? That seems a bit off to me. I’m just sayin…

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