You know what I’m tired of hearing? I’m tired of hearing people from the North making fun of us Southerners for not being able to navigate snow. #1. We are smart enough not to live somewhere that freaking cold. #2. It happens so rarely here that we are not equipped to deal with it from an infrastructure standpoint. #3. We get ice with our snow which makes it a different animal all together. #4. Most of us choose not to live on top of each other so there are a lot more roads that have to be treated before anyone can just up and go to work.

Another thing I’m tired of is hearing people from the North calling us Southerners rednecks. You know what? There are more rednecks per capita in the state of New York than all of Tennessee. Not all of New York is city, remember? I watch those reality shows on TV. There are just as many people in the hills up there who can’t read or write or speak legibly. Don’t be making fun of us.

Something else I’m tired of…remakes of classic Disney movies. How many different versions can there be of Cinderella and Jungle Book? If you want to change the story then call it something else. Stop trying to fool people into watching the garbage. All they are is a bunch of people with accents dressing in fancy clothes and trying to act.

I’m also fed up with other women speaking on behalf of all women. NO…you don’t speak for me. I realize I’m a strange bird, but I don’t like it when women are trying to make us make sense to men and say things like “We care about feelings and we need the long version of stories to feel connected.” You know what? I’m not a long-version kind of gal. I’m a “get to the point” kind of gal…primarily because I’m so freaking busy. I don’t like drama, I don’t like sappy movies, I don’t get all giddy over shoes. I know…maybe this doesn’t make me a “typical” female, but I know a lot of other women with exactly the same attitude. STOP lumping us all together!

Next, I’m tired of being told that my feelings on a subject are “wrong” or “inappropriate.” You know what? You don’t own me. If I think something is funny then I’m going to laugh at it. If something makes me sad, then I’ll cry. I don’t make fun of people and I don’t treat people badly. Some things are just funny. You can choose to be happy and amused or you can choose to be depressed and negative. I choose to find the good in situations and will take whatever bright spots I can find. Also, I find that if you laugh, others laugh with you and that is good for them too. They don’t even have to know WHY they are laughing. You know how they say, “laughter is the best medicine?” There’s a lot of truth in that and some people could really use a prescription. I’m just sayin…


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