Mrs. Cheap

Okay so I realize I’m a bit on the “cheap” side. I won’t argue this. I won’t pay more than $30 for a pair of shoes. I only buy clothes that are on clearance or really on sale. I worked retail for 8 years and know what the stores actually pay for things, so I just refuse to pay full price unless forced. Here’s the thing though…I love purses. I’m like any other American, red-blooded female. I have fallen in love recently (thanks to Pinterest) with the brand Michael Kors. I thought, you know what…I’m going to go on and see if I can find one that isn’t too expensive. Not ONE of the bags listed was less than $200 and most were closer to $400. What, may I ask, would cause a PURSE to be worth more than the entire wardrobe it matches? It is quality, hand-made with Italian leather and stitching of pure gold…then sure…maybe. But this is a leather purse. They are probably very high quality…but even then…$400? Inside will I find a map to living unicorns? What?!! Anyone who would pay that is insane and should be studied. I’m just sayin…

On to the next subject…Have any of you ever toured the Likes Gallery of Unfortunate Food? This is one of my favorite websites to peruse when I have time. It is filled with cook books from the 60s and 70s and tips on how to entertain. I laugh so hard at most of these recipes. If it could be molded into Jell-O it happened, folks. Nothing was off limits. Also, there was much reference to something called “chipped beef.” I don’t want to know how this happens or what part of the cow is involved, but the pictures alone made me dry heave. Another thing I thought had gone the way of the common sense cook was anything that was creamed (besides corn.) UNTIL…I was looking on Pinterest yesterday for some new recipes for main dishes and I kept coming across creamed beef and creamed chicken, etc. WHY in the name of all that is holy would anyone ever do this? There are some things that should never, ever be creamed and beef is one of them. Don’t puree beef, don’t make a sauce out of it and for heaven’s sake don’t cream it.

Lastly, when did it get so expensive to take a vacation? How do normal families do this year after year? I know some folks with 4 kids who get down to Disney every single spring. I tried to plan that vacation and I can’t find a way to do it for less than $3000. Of course, regardless of price, I don’t have a week to take any more so I thought, all I want to do was take a long weekend and go to the beach. Apparently you can’t get a hotel actually near the beach though for less than $200 a night. Really, people? I know you have this great view and property is expensive, but that is extortion. All I get for that, literally, is a place to sleep and a bathroom. Instead, it would appear, we are going to the mountains. Definitely more reasonable for the hotel, but then when you start throwing in things to actually do and food while you are there and gas to get there we are still looking at $1000 just to leave our house for 4 days. I’m beginning to wonder what’s the point? It isn’t entirely the cost that deters me, it is more the point of what you are getting for your money when you are trying to “relax.” You still have to pack half your wardrobe because the weather is so unpredictable. You have to find people willing to care for your pets while you are gone and then when you come home you still have the housework and laundry, etc. Maybe next year I’ll just hire a maid and sip a margarita in the back yard while playing “sounds of the ocean” and splashing myself with the hose. Not having to do the housework for one week would be totally worth it. I’m just sayin…


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