March Madness

So, there are a few things that have me scratching my head lately so I thought I would share.

First of all, has anyone ever gotten behind one of those rock hauling trucks/dump trucks in traffic? There is a sign usually placed on the back warning folks to stay back 100 feet. Here’s my issue…if I’m back 100 feet, there is no way I’m able to read that little sign. Secondly, if I’m sitting in traffic or passing you at some point it is kind of hard to stay back that 100 feet like is suggested. So, I understand that that is to prevent liability for the hauling company should something accidentally fly out of the truck and land on my windshield, but how can that be helped if I’m passing you? Does this mean that you should have full run of the road if you are on it? Please help me understand.

Next on my list is this. Is it just me, or are more and more people using the Castanza method for working. For those of you who weren’t big Seinfeld fans, the Castanza method is where you look really ticked off all the time and talk about how much you have to do in an effort to make your boss think you are really busy. In reality, you have nothing of substance to do. I’ve noticed a trend lately of people spending at least 20 minutes detailing how insanely busy they are and how they can’t seem to get it all done. In the back of my head I’m wondering how many people they’ve had this conversation with today. That’s 20 minutes each. It’s no wonder they can’t seem to get stuff done. I do things as they come up and get them off my plate as quickly as possible. That might be why I have so much downtime. I don’t drag it out. It’s also why I keep agreeing to take on more. I like being busy. It makes the day go by faster. That’s just me though.

Last but not least is this: If you are the chef at a nursing home and half your patients require help to eat, why on God’s green earth would you choose to serve sloppy joes? Are you trying to keep the laundry running? Maybe you just like the comical way they get the sandwich almost to their mouth before losing half of it down their shirts. I’m just thinking maybe you should re-evaluate your menu. I’m just sayin…


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