Things I Don’t Understand

  1. If you and your spouse work at the same place, why do you insist on sending calendar invitations for things you are doing on your days off? Are you that busy that you can’t remember that you are having lunch with your wife and kids on Saturday without a pop-up reminder?
  2. If you knock on someone’s door and they don’t answer…why would you assume it is okay to just stick your head in and call their name? Do you suspect something sinister has happened? Are you hoping to catch a glimpse of the person’s office without them in it? Do you care at all that they might be eating their lunch and have shut out the world?
  3. Why does the “duck face” trend continue? Haven’t enough people made fun of this to the point where it is no longer popular?
  4. Why do people feel the need to post scary clowns on Facebook for everyone to see? If you want to scare your friend, email them. I am but an innocent bystander now scarred for life.
  5. Why when it is cold outside does the gas pump take forever to ask you the 20 questions required to buy a tank of gas? There should be a button for requesting a receipt and a car wash. Don’t take 20 minutes to ask me all this stuff. I’m freezing my windshield wipers off out there…I’m just sayin…

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