I Must Protest

You know, there have been a lot of violent protests recently against police in several cities. I have seen my friends’ opinions about things ranging from support to complete repulsion. I feel like maybe I would like to weigh in now.

I have nothing against protests. It is a healthy way to have your voice heard. It is a way to get the media’s attention and make people listen to you. These protests have happened for decades and have proven to be very effective. In the past, however, these protests were anything but violent. Sure there may be a fist fight here or there, but nothing like a whole town rioting. There have been sit-ins and marches and people who showed up on the capitol steps to voice their concerns. These people I don’t always have to agree with, but I DO respect them.

What is happening right now all over the country is not a protest. What it is, is a temper tantrum and an excuse for thugs to get away with whatever they want. The government may suffer for their actions, which is their supposed intent, but the ones who suffer most are the law-abiding citizens living and working in these areas that are being destroyed. It is nonsense. Think about how many people’s jobs were affected at that drug store that just got burned out. How about this scenario: Your cousin did something to me that really made me mad. I can’t get to your cousin, so I am just going to destroy your house, set it on fire and beat the crap out of you. That makes sense right? I mean, after all, you represent your cousin don’t you? This is the logic being used here and I think almost everyone would agree that the scenario I just presented is wrong. There is just no excuse for this kind of violence.

Now let’s discuss the police actions. I understand the need for a serious investigation, but we need to understand a few things also. There have been countless occasions where the police are punched, kicked, spit at, rammed with another car, SHOT AT, etc. They risk their lives EVERY DAMNED DAY for people they don’t even know. They also do so for a ridiculously low amount of pay. Would you do that? In the line of duty they see a lot of things. I’m sure there are some who become biased and turn into bad seeds. Here’s the thing though, that’s like telling me that I’m a drunkard just because I’m Irish. As a society they are profiling the police for supposedly profiling them. A bit of hypocrisy I would say. Punishing ALL cops for a few bad ones is even more wrong than what they do, because by punishing the people who keep you safe you are, in effect, punishing yourself. Also, you can’t really claim racial profiling in every case. If you live in a primarily black neighborhood, chances are, crimes of opportunity will be done by black perpetrators. That is because that is who lives in that area. Same for whites. If you have a white neighborhood, like Brentwood, you are going to see far more white perpetrators than any other race. It is just logistics.

My point is this: If you are going to protest, do it the right way. Stop bringing your city down by making everyone afraid to go there and giving it a bad reputation. If I thought that the people of a city were prone to violence, as is seen here, I wouldn’t exactly plan my next vacation or business trip there. That hurts the people who work there that would benefit from my spending. So, again, by hurting your community you are just hurting yourself. Stop it. I’m just sayin…


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