“Gray” Anatomy

I’m a native Nashvillian. I love my city. What I don’t love is what they are doing with our interstate. There was a time when traveling through our area was a pleasant thing. I’m not even talking about the construction issues of late. My problem with our interstates is all the “noise dampening” walls that they have erected. Basically now, once you leave the Rivergate area, all you see is gray, concrete walls on either side of you until you get almost downtown. Not only do I miss seeing the trees and the neighbor hoods, but it is a bit like being in a video game during certain times of day. I mean, you are already taking your life in your own hands just trying to navigate the construction zones and lane changes, but now we are doing it on an enclosed track.

My second issue with driving here has to do with the medians. I’m not sure what genius thought of this, but taking out the patch of grass in the middle and replacing it with just a concrete wall (there’s that boring concrete again) or adding to the grassy areas a barrier of wire fencing is just asking for more traffic altering wrecks. I can’t tell you how many times I get stuck in traffic because one car barely clipped another and sent it into a spin only to bounce off of that concrete wall and tie up the entire left lane. The wires in the median is just the same thing…something for a car to bounce off of rather than coming to a stop in the grass. To me, it just adds more danger.

Also, they need to stop utilizing the “Smart Way” boards unless there is something to actually tell us. Putting messages up there telling us not to drive distracted is in itself distracting. I’m just sayin…



You know what? I’m sick and tired of the networks cancelling shows I like. I have gotten to the point that I don’t even want to see anything in its first or second seasons because it is sure to be cancelled if I like it. The first show to disappoint me this year was The Bridge. I’ve been waiting all winter for it to come back on (it’s a summer show) only to find out that they cancelled it. It was well written, very well acted and gritty and realistic. It also had tons of potential for future story lines. FX, as usual, cancelled it after season 2…same way Longmire and The Glades got axed. Today I find out that Battle Creek, one of the funniest shows since The Good Guys, lasted a very short one season. My daughter and I LOVE that show. Marry Me? Yep…cancelled. Backstrom? Cancelled. Where does it end?!!! Meanwhile stupid shows keep getting the green light. If it is about a super hero or anything completely unrealistic you can bet people will flock to it. I think it may even be a testament to the downfall of our society. Let’s just all live in a great big world of make-believe where people have super powers and there are dragons. Really?!! GROW UP, society! That stuff’s fine if you are 12, but at 40 you should be pretty well over that obsession. I’m just sayin…


I read an article today in which archeologists have discovered that the Mayan laid out their cities in a grid pattern. This is being hailed as amazing. I don’t understand why everybody gets all giddy when they find out how advanced an ancient civilization was. My thinking is that it just makes sense. Maybe they didn’t have the advanced tools that we have now, but they probably had common sense, don’t you think? They might have figured out that designing their city made it stronger and more easily navigated than just throwing something up willy-nilly. Architects weren’t just dropped on the planet a few years ago by the aliens who built the pyramids. (yes…I’m joking).

I also read an article today that said Taiwan was in an uproar because Katy Perry wore a dress with sunflowers while she was there performing and it made some kind of negative political statement. Hey, guys…I’m just spit-balling here but I am pretty sure she just wore it because it had flowers on the bosoms. I suppose if they had been daisies instead she would be allowed back in the country. Ya’ll need to calm down over there.

A friend of mine posted an article the other day from somewhere where this lady was all in a tizzy because the Megan Trainer song “All About That Base” sent a bad message. Something about not making people who don’t have curves feel bad about that fact and that our value to men shouldn’t define us. Um, this is just a fun little song, Lady. Let’s not make it more than it is. And while I agree that our value to men shouldn’t define us I think you would be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t at least care what a man thinks of her. We don’t wear makeup for ourselves, honey.

I guess the moral of the story today is that people need to lighten up a little. Stop trying to find the amazing or wrong in absolutely everything. Stop getting your feelings hurt over things that truly don’t matter. If my husband tells me I’m fat and ugly, THEN I’ll be offended. If a singer writes a song that says my body type isn’t her favorite and wears something I don’t like while she sings it I think I will not take to media to call her out on it. I will just turn the station. We have that option…I’m just sayin…