You know what? I’m sick and tired of the networks cancelling shows I like. I have gotten to the point that I don’t even want to see anything in its first or second seasons because it is sure to be cancelled if I like it. The first show to disappoint me this year was The Bridge. I’ve been waiting all winter for it to come back on (it’s a summer show) only to find out that they cancelled it. It was well written, very well acted and gritty and realistic. It also had tons of potential for future story lines. FX, as usual, cancelled it after season 2…same way Longmire and The Glades got axed. Today I find out that Battle Creek, one of the funniest shows since The Good Guys, lasted a very short one season. My daughter and I LOVE that show. Marry Me? Yep…cancelled. Backstrom? Cancelled. Where does it end?!!! Meanwhile stupid shows keep getting the green light. If it is about a super hero or anything completely unrealistic you can bet people will flock to it. I think it may even be a testament to the downfall of our society. Let’s just all live in a great big world of make-believe where people have super powers and there are dragons. Really?!! GROW UP, society! That stuff’s fine if you are 12, but at 40 you should be pretty well over that obsession. I’m just sayin…


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