Okay, so everyone else and their uncles are weighing in on the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner kerfuffle so I figured I would get my opinion out there “on the record.”

I, personally, feel very sorry for this individual. You all know me by now and you know that I support the gay and lesbian communities. I believe that some folks are born with a predisposition to one or the other. To someone who is gay the thought of being with a woman is repulsive. It would be like someone telling me I had to be with a woman. No thank you. These folks should be entitled to find each other, date and eventually have some sort of civil union (even if you don’t believe in calling it marriage.) They have just as much right to be the legal voice for their partner as I do for mine, etc. and they have just as much right to have love and a lasting relationship. These are consenting adults we are discussing. No one should have to spend their lives alone to please everyone else. We aren’t talking about pedophiles here or bestiality (so don’t even go there). No one is being harmed and many couples live long, happy lives together.

I do, however, have a problem with transgender. If you choose to dress up like the opposite sex on a regular basis that is your choice. What you do not have the right to do is have surgery to completely make that transition. #1, it isn’t healthy mentally or physically. #2. It isn’t fair to deceive someone who cares about you only for them to find out you are really a dude. #3. It is horrifically confusing for their children/grandchildren if that applies. I feel like if someone really has this issue it is an actual mental illness. It would be no different than if I suddenly decided I were black or Latina inside and went through with skin coloration and facial reconstruction to make myself more so. How many people would be up in arms about that? I, as a woman, take offense to this man having surgery to be female and then having plastic surgery to be more attractive.   There is something fundamentally wrong with that. It isn’t like you are removing a tumor or reconstructing an injury…you are completely changing who and what you are. That’s my line in the sand. I’m sorry.

I do not think we should make fun of him (even though there have been some hilarious memes out there.) I feel like we should weep for this person who is so confused and so unhappy. Pour our hearts out in love to this individual and help him realize that he needs help, not surgery. Be supportive, but not enabling. Unfortunately, he doesn’t exactly have the best family unit to help him in any way. Hopefully someone close to him will have the courage to help him before it is too late.   I’m just sayin…


One thought on “Victor/Victoria

  1. I have so many conflicting thoughts about this whole mess. How do we teach our children to be kind and tolerant when I find this repulsive? While it seems a bit much to be ONLY for the 15 minutes of fame/staying in the spotlight, there can be no denying that certain people/personalities THRIVE on that. There’s the whole “love the sinner, hate the sin” approach. But that is very hard to do without also being (humanly) judgmental and politically incorrect. The world is such a screwed up place!

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