Obsessed Much?

You know, I try to be supportive of people involved in fandom, but secretly, in the back of my head I question their sanity. I have many friends who go to the sci-fi cons and dress up and stuff and that is their thing and I’m happy for them, but in my head I’m thinking “what kind of 30 something dresses up like a movie character?” On some base level I think it really does disturb me. Not in the way that I think that the person is strange…they are great people…but in the way that I would look at you if you dipped your French fries in mayonnaise. There’s just something not quite right about it.

What I have realized lately is that I have very similar feelings for Disney fans. I, myself, adore Disney. I love Disney Land and Disney World and in my book it doesn’t get any better than Winnie the Pooh or Cinderella. I am not, however, obsessed with Disney. There are some folks out there who literally know every word to every Disney song ever recorded along with every line of every movie they saw. These folks wear Disney characters all the time on their shirts and they count down the days to their Disney vacations. It’s kind of like they never really grew up. For me, it is about an occasional trip back into my childhood or perhaps it is about watching something nice with my kiddo. You aren’t, however, going to find me sitting by myself watching a cartoon movie at any given point in time (unless it stars Madea…then maybe.)

I guess what prompted all these “deep thoughts” was that I have been spending some time on Pinterest lately. When I click on the category “humor” what I get mostly is Disney obsessed people who have either drawn pictures of what Disney characters would look like today or with tattoos, etc. or I get people who are over the top obsessed with things like Downtown Abbey. I just want to shout at these folks: “IT’S JUST A SHOW!!!” Granted, there are some shows that I adore, but they don’t occupy my every thought. You won’t find me going to conventions to learn inside information about the making of the shows and you won’t find me dressing up like the characters or plastering their faces all over my house. I guess I’m just not a true fan. Maybe it’s me…maybe I’M the one who is losing it. Oh wait…I lost my mind long ago…nothing to lose. Yeah, it’s probably me anyway. I suppose it couldn’t hurt for me to be a little more into Finding Bigfoot. I could get some squatchin’ gear. I’m just sayin…


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