On My Soapbox

Ever since my mom got sick, I have been watching a lot of HGTV. That’s one of the few channels that doesn’t upset her. It upsets me, sometimes though. I really hope that a lot of this is scripted because, otherwise, I am about to lose all hope for humanity. Take for example the show, “Love it or List it.” The concept is great. They take a couple that has outgrown their house and they have to either find them a new house that they love or fix their current home so that it is more to their liking. I saw one of these last night that made me insane. This couple has 3 kids. They were tired of their current 3000 square foot house because there wasn’t anywhere for the kids to play and they needed more space to entertain. They would accept no smaller than a house with 5 bedrooms, a play room and an open floor plan in the kitchen/dining/living space. He took them to one house that was newly remodeled and they hated the granite countertops. The color was wrong…that is one of the first things they would change if they bought it. Understand this…a BRAND NEW GRANITE COUNTERTOP would be destroyed because they didn’t care for the color. They would look at each bedroom and comment on how small they were. They were presented with a media room that could be the kids’ playroom. Since when did having a play room constitute a “need”? When I was growing up I didn’t even have a bedroom of my own. All my toys were behind the couch in our living room. The next episode was about this family of 4 who, again, had run out of space. The more rooms they toured in their own home the more obvious their problem became. They are total slobs. They have clothes on the floor in every room and junk all over the counter tops and stuff that should be in a dresser, shoved on shelves in their closet. It was ridiculous! They don’t need a new house, they need some lessons in cleanliness and organization.

Property Brothers also sort of gets under my skin. The “needs” of the people they represent are just insane. People act like they are too good for a normal house in a suburban neighborhood. Everything has to be “updated” and “modern.” GAG!

The one show that gets it right on that channel is Fixer Upper. This is a couple that is a joy to watch. They love each other, they have a precious family, and they love what they do. The family in question will give them a budget to buy a cheaper house and then upgrade it to their needs. It is always beautiful when they finish with it and they have a budget and they stay within it. It’s a great show.

When did our generation become so spoiled? I mean, we grew up in the 80s and 90s. We didn’t have the latest electronics…heck…we were thrilled when we finally got a TV with a remote to it! Our fun was had outside until it got too dark to see. We didn’t spend all summer long lamenting our boredom. We found ways to entertain ourselves. Our parents weren’t rich…we lived 2 kids to a room. That was good for us.   It taught us a lot about sharing and respect for others. We didn’t have a play room or a media room and we survived it! So, why is it that our generation that did all these things acts like our kids can’t possibly be forced to go through such horrible conditions? When did we decide that our kids deserved better than us as though they are entitled because they came from our loins? I think our generation needs to rise up and take back all of this nonsense and start letting kids be kids. Let them play in the dirt and ride their bikes in the driveway and build tree houses that need secret passwords to enter. Stop spoiling these kids or they won’t know how to be appreciative adults, as is evident on these shows. I think they should invent a new reality show for these folks and instead of upgrading their homes they should have to go live in a hut or a tiny 1 room apartment like much of the population in other countries. That way maybe they would appreciate what they have and be thankful for it instead of worrying about what they DON’T have. I’m just sayin…


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