Up the Flagpole

You know, I never really gave the confederate flag a lot of thought until all this “controversy” began. The more I think about it though, it does kind of make sense to take it off of state capitols, etc. I mean, the South lost that war. It would be a little like us flying the flag of England at the White House. I’m pretty sure we beat their pants off in the Revolutionary war so why would we fly their flag?

I am, however, against the abolition of the flag all together. Here’s why. I realize that the primary outcome of the war of northern aggression was, in fact, to end slavery. I’m sure that is also what the great President Lincoln would have said was the primary motivating factor. Something else I know from living in the South and touring the battle grounds and museums is this: Many of the men and boys who died in that war weren’t there to protect slavery. Many of them were too poor to even have shoes, much less slaves. For them the war was about freedom…their freedom from being ruled over by Yankees. They wanted to be able to go on living like they were used to, without new rules imposed by people thousands of miles away who had never even visited their state. Yes, there were many who were protecting the right to keep and own slaves, but we mustn’t forget that there were many other people represented by that Confederate flag. I understand why it invokes so many bad feelings for so many people. I, myself, would not want one. In fact, if the civil war were to take place today, I would likely find myself wearing blue and not gray. That being said, if someone had family who died in that war, and they choose to fly the flag, they should be allowed. If some skinhead idiot wants to claim that flag as their own, shame on them, but they have the right to do so. You can’t judge everyone who flies that flag as an enemy of the state. I know several folks, in fact, who have the flag. It isn’t an issue of slavery to them…it is just plain Southern pride.

To put it in perspective, there are some who see the US flag and think of excess and debauchery, but for most the US flag is a symbol of freedom and great pride. Should we all be judged as infidels just because we fly the flag that we are proud of and that we identify with? There are many flags that I see regularly flown by folks. Some are the Italian flag. Do I see that and think, “Mafia!” No…I see that and think that there is a family who takes pride in where they come from. Same for the flag of Mexico. I don’t immediately think “gang member!” I hold no ill will towards those folks. They are just announcing their heritage. Maybe the confederate flag deserves the same benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t automatically mean “redneck.”  Don’t judge the whole basket as ruined because of a few bad apples. I’m just sayin…


One thought on “Up the Flagpole

  1. ok heres the deal on the confederate flag. The confederate flag does not mean RACISM. Yes racist groups have adopted the flag as theirs such as the KKK and the skinheads, etc that is bad and i have no tolerance of such hate groups. However the Confederate flag DOES NOT promote slavery but instead Heritage of southerners who fought from freedom of the north and the strict laws and rules set forth by the government (sounds like 2015) upon them. I had relatives officers and enlisted men who fought for the confederacy. I see my family the love the love they had for the south and the lives they fought for when i see the flag.. The liberals do not understand this but the Civil War was not fought over slaverly. Thats right! The Civil War was fought over commerce. The south was on the brink of surpassing the north in commerce on the agriculture and other types of businesses. The problem was they used slaves and their work was done for free and therefore the owner made more money on their goods. The north had to pay their workers, therefore their profits were less. They wanted the south to pay for being ahead of the north so a bunch of laws were passed with good ole Lincoln in the lead which made the south suffer financially. The life was almost smothered out of the souths commerce and that is when the states started dropping out of union and seeing this Lincolns plan was backfriing on him. So war was declared on the south, You say i havent heard slave but once in this rant. THAT IS BECAUSE SLAVES WERE NOT THE REASON FOR THE WAR (directly) Ship captains sailed into New York Harbor and Boston Harbor and sold the slaves up north. Were they stopped, were they questioned, NO only when this money thing with the south started did they stop at these ports to sell slaves. The flag was used as a symbol of freedom from the oppressive government and to clarify the 13 states of the CSA no hate no suffering no racism just a flag. Over the years the liberals and yankees have given it a bad name and never know the true history of the Confederate Flag. i will fly my flag proudly, i am not a redneck, but a proud southerner whoose ancestors fought and defended the south. Also we should take the American flag down as well because it was used in Indian raids and killings. The Indians were here first, we are the ones who ran them off their land (I would be pissed off too) The Trail of Tears (horrible and tragic) We invaded their land killed them in the name of the American Flag but nobody has said a word about this. This is a hot topic for me, I am out to educate the uneeducated people out there on the true meaning of the Confederate Flag

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