Today I’m on a bit of a rant. I’m kind of fed up with some things happening lately and something needs to be said.

My first topic is this: Just because I don’t agree with you or because I have faith in something greater than myself does NOT mean that I am dumb or not “intellectual.” I am so tired of people saying that if I question things like global warming or the beginning of the universe that I am somehow simple minded and should be pitied. I think it is right to question these things. Even the most accomplished scientist will tell you that we only have real data from the last century or so regarding our climate. There are things that point to certain events, etc. but as for us getting hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, etc…there is evidence that these things ebb and flow. Yes, our o-zone layer has issues and we should try to reduce our carbon footprint where possible, but our planet is far from being used up. As for the beginning of the universe…can you really look at the intricacies of the human body, the solar system, the atmosphere, etc. and tell me that all “just happened?” No way. We have a Divine Creator…I don’t even see how you could possibly argue that point. As for evolution…I actually believe that things DO evolve, but here’s the thing…GOD began the process and oversees it. HE is in control of everything. I don’t see how you could sleep at night without believing that. Any other way is simply chaos. It takes far more faith to believe in nothing than it does to believe in what is evidenced all around us.

Now, let’s address the topic of gun control, shall we? I have my conceal carry permit for the state of TN. When I carry I have a .357 magnum. I have had to actually show this weapon on only two occasions in roughly 15 years. Both involved scary men following me in traffic. In both instances, I simply had to pull the weapon out of my console and sit it on the seat next to me. The scary men backed off immediately. (Ask me about it sometime and I’ll give you the details.) I honestly think in both cases if I hadn’t done that I would likely have been involved (at the very least) in a car accident if not badly hurt. Now, if I had simply held up a knife I don’t think they would have left me alone. Just a guess. Now for the other side of the coin. Forget for a moment that I am a licensed gun owner. Do any of you know what it takes to BE a licensed gun owner? It takes a full day of training in gun safety, you have to be able to shoot 100 rounds at a target and prove that you are capable and then you have to pay a large fee and be fingerprinted by local agencies and the FBI. Now, if I were a criminal who intends to use a gun for violence WHY would I go through all that and submit my fingerprints to the FBI? The people who are shooting up the world are not people like me who are doing things the legal way. The people doing this have stolen their firearms from other people or else bought them on the down-low. You don’t hear of a permit holder getting arrested for a shooting spree. Banning the sale of guns isn’t going to stop this. Even if you ban certain kinds of guns it isn’t going to stop this. If someone wants to hurt people they WILL find a way. Take for example the home-made bombs that you can find instructions for anywhere on the internet. I don’t know about you, but I would rather be shot than set on fire or exploded. I stand a chance of walking away from a gunshot. If somebody lobs a flaming bomb at you you can pretty much call it a day. I will rest with this topic for the moment. I’m sure I will have a complete and separate rant on the subject at a later time.

Now, let’s move on to the socialist concept of taxing the rich to take care of the poor. For those of you arguing that it is our “Christian” duty, I would argue that no…it is not. What Jesus told us to do was to AS HIS CHURCH FAMILY take care of the least of these. He did NOT say, you are required to do this. For someone who gives to their church regularly and sees a difference made in the lives of the people in that community, (not just physical needs, but emotional/spiritual needs as well) to be told that I then have to give AGAIN to programs that I do not support nor condone is just wrong. I think that people in need should be taken care of, yes. I think if you pay into a program like Medicare that you should be able to have that to look forward to when you are old and unable to care for yourself. What I see happening time and again though is people who have no desire to work are bleeding our system dry. I personally know 4 people who are on welfare. One of them actually needs to be. The other three just don’t care to do anything but spit out babies they can’t care for. It’s a moral failing of our society. Kids these days are being told that sex is natural so just do it and why work for what you can be given. I agree with Bobby Jindal when he said that this country needs to turn back to GOD.

Next, I openly admit…there was a lot wrong with our country from 1900-1970 or so, but one thing we got right was that we still had some morals when it came to our bodies. Nudity was appalling and unwed mothers, although there were some, were fewer at that point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m SO thankful that the stigma of having a baby out of wedlock is over. This happens to the best of people and can be a total blessing, but we shouldn’t be encouraging it. We shouldn’t have our boys exposed to half or whole naked women on every TV station you turn to or billboard you see on the interstate. The internet should do a better job of regulating who can see porn. That in and of itself has ruined more lives than I care to mention. Girls think it is okay to dress and act like there is no difference between the sexes and that they should be free to wear as little as they want. That isn’t reality though, people! Boys are boys and if they see that their bodies WILL react whether your liberal mind thinks they should or not. It’s called lust and it is one of the seven deadly sins. Reign it in. You can’t expect that these kids aren’t going to be sexually active at the tender age of 12 if you let your little girls dress like strippers and watch TV shows with no morality. It isn’t that we should be doing a better job of sex education…it is that we should be doing a better job of preventing them from WANTING to have sex in the first place. I am pretty open with my daughter and I answer every question she lobs at me. That is my job as a parent. That is NOT your job as a school. I understand that there are a lot of parents out there who will not talk to their kids about this stuff. Fine…make this the job of the guidance counsellor and then make that counsellor send home the materials discussed PRIOR to the talk with the student. Give control back to the parents and stop telling us what our kids need to learn with regards to their bodies.

The last thing I will cover today is with regard to the concept that Christian Republicans are filled with hate and do so much damage everywhere. Let me just stop you right there. The people who are inciting riots, creating gangs, breaking into houses…those aren’t typically the right-wing voting population. These are people, typically, who have come to expect that they get what they want when they want it. These people tend to vote for the liberals (if they vote at all). They aren’t backing the Mitt Romneys and the Ben Carsons of the playing field. They are backing the people they think they can get the most out of, the people who don’t believe in the death penalty, so that even if they commit heinous acts they won’t be put to death themselves. These are the people who are the problem. You may hear of one to two mass shootings a year done, admittedly, by quiet white kids. You hear about these because they are sensational. How many DAILY crimes are committed by the liberal leaning population? You know, the ones who think it is okay to burn down a city block or gang rape an innocent girl because they have to get “initiated.” Nobody wants to look at that and get all upset. Guns weren’t even used in those altercations usually, but they are equally as disturbing and wrong. So, should we ban anything flammable? Should we ban weight lifting by men so that the women have a fighting chance? Hmmm???? It’s time people take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming their parents, their weapons, their lot in life for the horrific things they do. I’m broke all the damned time…you don’t see me knocking over a 7-11!

Bottom line: If you decide to point your liberal, self-serving finger at the right, you need to remember the fingers pointing back at yourself. I’m just sayin…


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