Correctamundo Run Amok

This insanity has to stop. I can understand removing the Confederate flag from state capitals as it isn’t the state or national flag. However, removing the flag from everywhere in the nation is insane. Censorship has gone too far. I’m sorry that the flag offends so many. I’m sorry that our society has become so politically correct that common sense has gone completely out the window. I am now reading article after article about different things named for Confederate generals that they think they need to rename and different memorials and busts that they are trying to close down because it “offends” people. Here’s the thing. If you don’t like it, don’t go visit it. This nation has lost its spine. Whether the liberal left wants to admit it or not the Civil War really happened. It was a real war. What some find offensive is still very much a part of who we all are as a nation.

While I agree that slavery was horrific and wrong, the Rebel Flag was not a flag of slavery. It was a battle flag. While Southern plantations are known for being worked and cared for by slaves, we are forgetting how many slaves the North also had. General GRANT owned slaves for crying out loud. It was a very large part of our history, granted a very sad part, and also very common at the earliest parts. If we remove everything pertaining to this war or slavery, we are doing a great disservice to our country. People need to learn what happened. They need to see what lead to that so that we don’t end up back there again. Descendants of slaves need to go to these places and learn what brought their ancestors here and they need to be SO thankful that this is no longer the case as we all should. It should make people appreciate so much more the sacrifice of their ancestors and draw them closer to their history. Yes, they should feel anger towards these people who held their great, great grandparents and it should upset them that they lived in such conditions. To pretend it didn’t happen, however, is irresponsible. Take what offends you and turn it into a teaching tool if nothing else. Use these monuments as talking points.

Ellis Island is a prime example of something that meant great happiness to some but tragedy for others. Many came through those gates because they had lost everything back home. It wasn’t always bringing people here because it was a great country of freedom…there are many reasons people came. I’ve never been there, but if I did I would imagine I would realize just what people went through and be thankful that they made the effort. We all came from somewhere…none of us is native to this land, but for the true Native Americans. Some came here by choice and some by force. Some fought in wars to secure this land as their own while some were made to leave the only home they had ever known to start over because their way of life was destroyed. No matter where you fall in this scenario, you have to recognize that the events that led to being here are events that shaped your life in one way or another as an American. All our ancestors played a part.

There are memorials all over the world that remind us of atrocities that have occurred. These memorials are not there as a slap in the face to the folks affected…they are there to remember and to keep fresh in our minds what lead to these things. I think immediately of The Holocaust. Of course, I’m not comparing the two wars. There was nothing similar in their makeup, but it is something terrible that happened. The Jewish people do not ban all things German and demand that things of this nature be removed. They go to these places, and they mourn for those lost and they remember how very quickly it all came to be. We, as a world, look at these places and these memorials and we remind ourselves of what can happen when evil is present and to be ever vigilant lest it happen again.

Last, but certainly not least, we need to remember that God is in control. As terrible as slavery was, I feel like God had a plan to turn even the worst of situations into something good. Slavery isn’t a new concept. There have been slaves almost as long as there have been people on the earth. The Bible is full of stories about peoples being sold into slavery. Here’s the thing though…every time this happens, it relocates people and causes exposure to new places and new cultures. Even though the slavery itself was horrific, even when released some stayed behind because they had been joined with the peoples of that land or because they wanted to build a life there. The same could be said of the slaves in America. As horrible as the events that occurred were, had that not happened how many people would we have missed the great privilege of knowing? Would our country be as integrated as it now is had slavery not brought so many amazing people here to our soil? It is easy to hate and be angered by the past events, and rightfully so, but in order to heal as a nation we have to try to look for the positive outcome. We have to move forward, the descendants of the slave owners remembering remorsefully the deeds of our ancestors and the descendants of the slaves remembering the sacrifices of those before them. Then, we must join together in a like mind that nothing like this should ever be again. We must unite together as products of a war that split our country in two so that it never happens again. It is time to stand against the censorship of our history and claim it as our own, no matter what side you fall on. Learn from these things and move forward as ONE NATION UNDER GOD. I’m just sayin…


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