Okay, one more for the road.

Today, the US Supreme Court decided to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states. I have seen everything in my Facebook feed from people who are overjoyed that they are finally going to be able to be legally recognized as a spouse to their partner all the way to my Christian friends who are talking about how horrible this is and how the nation needs to repent and so do they or they are all going to hell.

I take issue with this. I am a Christian. I love Jesus. I’m not perfect…not by a long shot. I realize I have broken several commandments and I need forgiveness too. I fail daily as a human in my walk, so I’m not addressing this as some self-righteous know it all. My question to all on the “right” side is this: As much weight as you put on the topic of gay marriage…where is your outrage to porn? Where is your outrage to the cigarette and alcohol industries? Where is your outrage to the billboards of half-naked women all around downtown? Unless you get up in arms about these topics also, then you are nothing but hypocrites. The same passage in 1st Corinthians that you are quoting as reason for homosexuals not to marry also covers the topics of adultery, lust and the fact that your body is a temple. You see, if you look on another woman in lust then you are doomed because you have already committed adultery in your heart. How many of you good, Christian men are surfing porn or pleasing yourself with the mental image of a hot 20 year old you saw on TV instead of your 47 year old mother of 4 wife? Guess what…to hell you go. How about any of you Christians who smoke or drink? You are poisoning your temple. You better tell the cigarette manufacturers to stop peddling their wares or you could end up in eternal damnation. I guess those things are okay though, aren’t they? Or if you don’t think so, you certainly don’t feel strongly enough about it to protest anything or rant on your precious Facebook pages.

All that happened today is that it was decided to let gays and lesbians be legally bound together. They may now share in each other’s retirement funds and have access to medical information for their partners and so on and so forth. They can file taxes together like any other couple in a partnership can. How does this hurt you? How does this even effect you at all? Yes, there will be some who will want a cake for a wedding. Heaven forbid! Let’s block the cake access because that will really compromise your principles. Let me fill you in on something. Baking a cake does not mean you are celebrating or even condoning what it is for. It means you are providing a delicious cake to a paying customer. Shut your mouth and take their money.

This “stand” that the church is taking right now is doing nothing to win people for Jesus. All it is doing is showing the nation that we can be okay with one sin and not with another. I have seen a few who are approaching this correctly, in love and humility and condemning the sin while telling the “sinner’ that they are still loved and welcomed. That is still sort of messed up. That’s like saying come on over, hon, we love you…but your husband is trash. How can you not see that as a package deal?

The bottom line is this: Weather these people are going to heaven or hell is between them and Jesus…not you and your principles. Butt out. I’m just sayin…


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