Well, Shoot

Okay, as promised, here is more on the topic of gun control. I’m not one of those shoot em up types. I don’t really get all giddy when I see some fancy assault rifle, etc. I do, however, like a big, powerful pistol. They are very accurate and have less kick than the lighter weight versions. I have been shooting targets since I was ten years old. I was taught safety and the proper way to handle a firearm. I was taught very important basics like stance and how to lock and unlock the safety, etc. Because of this, I have a very healthy respect for guns. I have seen the power they pack and what they can do to a target. I know they are not toys. Although I have not officially taken my daughter to the range, she does have a bb gun that she shoots targets with. She has seen me practice with my pistol and she too has seen what they do. She is very respectful of them too as a result.

I am not attached to just firearms. I also like knives. I have many, all over my house. They are very useful. I’m always having to get into packaging with them or trimming a thread on something, etc. I’ve also been taught the proper way to use one in self-defense should I ever need to.

If someone is breaking into my house and their intent is to do harm to me or my family and then steal what they can (all I can say there is God bless them) then I would be much more able to defend my daughter and myself with a gun than a knife. Why? Because most men are stronger than I am…heck, most women are stronger than I am. If I go after someone who is in my child’s room and my intent is to get them to leave her alone, they are going to take one look at me with my knife and they will laugh. If, however, I walk into her room with the .44 long colt my guess is they might take me seriously. If there is more than one assailant I am much better prepared to stop harm from coming to me or my daughter with a gun than a knife. Even if the intruder is armed only with a baseball bat, they have a much better shot at hurting us than I would with just a knife for protection.

I realize the argument is also put forward that aside from needing one for protection, why do we need assault rifles, etc.? Here is my answer…if you think for one moment that there are not countries or individuals who would love to bring the US down then you are sadly mistaken. We have people from all countries who call us infidels and want us dead. What do you think they might try if they realize that Americans no longer are able to arm themselves? You might not like that “bubba” has that AK47 or whatever, but I can promise you…if the country were to be attacked that Bubba would be your best friend. Yeah, it is irritating to listen to someone practice with things like that (and living in the country, you hear a lot of it) but if we are ever in trouble I know who I’m going to run to for help. Not the guy down the road who thinks guns are bad…the bubba who is armed to the teeth. A country who only allows their military to have arms is prime to be overtaken or to overtake their own citizens. I realize there are other civilized societies who have banned weapons. They aren’t generally hated in the first place though. People from elsewhere actually HATE us because of our lifestyles, etc. I would think we are far more enticing to be invaded than some other, smaller countries because of the statement it would make. Don’t be naive folks…

Lastly, I will reference an article wherein the results were given for a recent study done by the CDC upon Obama’s request. This study found that most felons got their guns from “informal sources” and that “stolen guns account for only a small percentage of guns used by convicted criminals.” Also, it noted that the majority of deaths caused by guns are suicide. This accounted for 61% of the firearm deaths. It listed that the deaths that were not suicide related were greatly affected by “diminished economic opportunities, high levels of family disruption and low levels of community participation.” That sounds like a societal problem to me…not a gun problem. You see, kids used to be more involved in school and church, but that’s not cool anymore. Now when they don’t have parents at home to tend to them they end up in trouble with gangs and/or drugs. Around where I live there are a ridiculous number of teens that end up addicted to various drugs available to them or they are smoking and “hanging out” with their hoodlum friends. Where do they get it? Where are their parents? How do they fill their days? Nobody is addressing this problem. Kids from broken homes are far more likely to get into trouble than kids with both parents present and involved. These kids need direction. They need rules and they need love. Churches are told they can’t come on school property any longer so people who once would have been helping these kids find a place to go after school and become involved are not welcomed. The mentor that many of us had growing up is no longer present because school is no place for God and these people represent Him. That is one more possible connection gone. We do not do any favors to ourselves as a society when we remove God from schools.   We need to get back to community and relationships. We need to CARE about one another again.

You know, smoking kills and wounds more people in the US than gun violence. Smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year, including 41,000 from second hand smoke. 17.8% of ALL adults are smokers. In comparison, firearms only accounted for 33,636 deaths last year (including suicides). 48,545 people were poisoned. TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS accounted for 33,804. All this according to the CDC. So, tell me….why aren’t we trying to outlaw cigarettes? Why don’t we rid the nation of anything that could possibly poison someone or get rid of all the cars? WAKE UP!!! Guns are NOT the problem…a society of hooligans is.   I’m just sayin…

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